Low Back PAIN!!!

I’m at the tail end of a neural phase and was squatting pretty heavy this morning(5-1-5-1-5-1 rep scheme) At rep five of set #3, I felt a warm-tingling feeling spread across my low-back. I racked the bar cause I knew something didn’t feel right. Needless to say my workout was over. As the day has progressed, its tightening up and I’m having a little trouble walking up and down stairs, getting out of chairs, etc. Has anybody ever experienced pain similar to this? Besides rest, antiinflammatories and ice, what did you do to help speed recovery - ART, chiropractor, orthopeadic? All comments appreciated!

I had the same damn thing happen Fri (June 14) morning and it still hurts. I could hardly walk over the weekend. From what I gather as long as you don’t have numbness in your legs or a sharp pain in the buttocks (sciatic problem) it’s not a serious (as in permenantly disabling) issue. Lori Gross has an article on T-Mag called “My poor aching back” which describes this exact situation and solution. Type in “stretching” in the search engine and you’ll find the article. By the way this appears symtomatic of squatting and deadlifting withhout including a stretching program.

You will get alot of recommendations for ART. And I believe for good reason. ART has produced some good results for alot of people. In anyway, it sounds like you need to see SOMEONE ASAP.

ok back pain dont wait around too long to see if it gets better
give it a couple days and if its not better go to a dr and tell him to x-ray it

i say this becasue my junior yr in highschool i hurt my lower back sqauting. (heard a pop followed by warm pain} i went to the dr and told him i hert my back and he though it was just strained muscles (nevermind that i heard a pop!) still did not stop me from squating
well a bout a year later afterdealing with pain frequently i went to another doctor and asking for an x ray they found out i fractured my spine and herniated 2 of my discs.
go to the doctor

I am going through the same thing, and I go to the DR Friday, I can’t do anything to compress my spine or I am done for 3 or 4 weeks it hurts so bad, I am not sure what it is yet, but the weird thing is I had to quit doing squats, and they are the only leg exercise that does not hurt my knees, so now from leg presses, my knees are killing me. What the fuck, I just want to exercise.

Almost the same thing happened to me on 6/18 (I was doing 5 - 1s, too!), no “warm feeling” but steady pain in the lower back, and I said “I’m done.” I’m feeling quite a bit better today (two days later) so I guess I’m lucky this time.

I already knew I had to stretch more (I always run out of time . . .) but this confirms it.

It’s two days later and my low back is still pretty F’d up. I’ve been having my GF do ice massages along with general massage but I’m still very tight. It’s NOT a flexibility issue because I stretch for 15-20 minutes before all lower body workouts. It’s very frustrating because I’ve been making awesome squat and DL progress with this strictly neural program I’ve been doing. Anyways, I’ll be calling a doctor today to get it checked out. Thanks for everyone’s feedback!

I think Ian King’s pelvis article is the best explaination for lower back pain.

I notice when I get really low on squats I always a great deal of pain. I think this is because I drop my shoulders hence my pelvis changes angles for extra assitance getting out of the hole.

It could be a herniated disk in which case it would take an MRI to confirm it. Good luck.