Low Back Pain

I´m 27 year old basketball player and strength & conditioning coach

I´ve been having low back pain for three years now, my disks cannot handle jumping and running and I have a pretty good sense on what exercises to do.
I was diagnosed with herniated disk on L5-S1 but now my lumbar is flexible and strong, my core is strong but my back pain and stiffness after workouts is not going away.
Is there anyone here that has the same problem and has some good tips for me, because I am out of methods to use.

Best regards from Iceland

your lumbar should be strong and stable rather than flexible…

similarly… impact from running / jumping etc should be absorbed by your arches (from the balls of your feet), ankles, and hips, rather than knees and lumbar spine…

mobilize: arches, ankles, hips, thoracic
stabilize: knees, lumbar, cervical

at least that is what i heard (for what it is worth). that pain in areas that should be stable (e.g., lumbar spine) can often result from stiffness in surrounding areas that should be mobile (thoracic and hips).

Thank you for your answer

I think I put it the wrong way, what I meant is that my lumbar is now open. I was “stuck” because I was playing ball all the time with those injuries and there was no movement in my hips or lower back. I could not flex, extend or rotate. So I had two sessions with a doctor who injected my back with kortison to release the tension so my cyro could work his magic.
But now I can move much better but the pain is always there.


okay. still…

that is all i have got. if you are having lumbar spine pain… then work on mobilizing the hips, thoracic spine, ankles, and arches (e.g., vibrams or barefoot work).

if you don’t have movement restrictions there then i have no idea what might be going on.