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Low Back Pain While Doing RDLs

I haven’t lifted heavy with consistency in a few month, but the last few times I have done Romanian Deadlifts (Knees slightly flexed, back flat), I have felt this seriously tight sensation in my lower back at the bottom of the movement. I initially thought it was extreme tightness, mainly of my Quadratus Lumborum (QL), but I never had it the first 8 or so years of lifting, and at times much heavier weights than are casuing discomfort now.

From glancing at my form in a mirror, it seems that my low back is rounding a bit at the bottom of the movement, but I’m sure my form wasn’t always perfect before, and never any discomfort.

Any ideas/experience with the same thing? I love this lift, but I don’t want to damage my back.

I suggest, you start doing Pull - troughs and Reverse Hypers. These two exercizes are best for the lower back-hamstring.

Do them heavy.

and, if you doing then. You dont need to worry about a damage lower back, its just get stronger.

Probably is a knot in your Quadratus. Suggested remedies: (1) arnica cream plus liniment. Apply both 3 times a day. (2) trigger point therapy. You can do this yourself fairly easily. Get a tennis ball, preferably newish (needs to be hard). Back up to a doorframe and jam the tennis ball in the frame so it is between the frame and the sore area of your back. Lean back into the tennis ball hard. Roll around until you find the knot. Then apply maximum pressure and roll it around, trying to spread the knot out. Back off, then repeat several times. Do this several times a day. Your back will thank you.

Funny but I have found that the only way for me to cure lower back pain is to do regular deadlifts. Whenever I consistently do these my back does not hurt. Within 4 to 6 weeks of NOT doing deadlifts my back begins to hurt again.