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Low Back Pain Tighter on One Side


Hi guys I WIll tell you my story of my lowerbackpain.

IT started back for 7 mouth ago when i lifter heavy i was doing 5x5 program doing dl and squat very much. I Keep push trough my limit and wanted to get big really strong. Boom SOMTHING happend on my lowerback i had so much pain my my back i was weak and feelt pain like i was about to collapse for real. I Got this pain during doing Bad form on deadlift it was really straight but i look back on my vid i can see it was little bit bent not extreme but bent.

I will try to explain the best guys how the pain was and where i feelt it. First it was on totalt LOWERBACK ITS WAS acute pain i stop imidetly after i got this. Then i took it easy for many mouth and the acute pain went away. I ALMOST LOST ALL MY STRENGHT AND FEEL ALL THE HARD WORK ARE GONE :(, Other problem is that now i have the other side of the lowerback its like a line if you guys know from the bottom close to the hip on the glute. IT have become tighere now and its so frustating i feel it harder on other side and i HAVE WENT TO CHIROPRATOR AND HE FIX THE PAIN ON THE OTHER SIDE its was a pinched nerve. But it still tight and it mess upp my training i cant progress i still feel week. I WARM UP AND DO EVERYTHING DO MOBILTY now after any LIFT.

Any help guys what this is appreciate the help


Edit on picthur guys.