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Low Back Pain (Only Different)


Ok so I was doing the stir the pot excersise Today detailed in the core article. Anyway while doing these I had pretty severe low back pain, I have tried doing ab wheel rollouts before and have been met with the same pain. Now here's the different, my lower back is pretty much bullet proof. I deliver meat for a living and am bending and lifting heavy boxes all day with zero problem or pain. Last week I loaded the bar in my garage with 315 and deadlifted it with ease, zero warmup or pre lift before hand. So my point is I don't have normal low back pain.

But I want to be able to do excersises that put my back inthis position that is causing pain and want any tips on correcting this. If it makes any difference I havnt trained abs or midsection on a regular basis for 10 years. So if any of you think that maybe I need to strengthen my abs in order to relieve this pain I will do so.


Deadlifts, squats, and the movements you described that you perform during your job all require anti-flexion stabilization of the spine. Abs wheel roll outs requires anti-extension stabilization of the spine. Stir the pot requires anti-extension and anti-rotation of the spine.

You likely lack strength with stabilization for anti-extension and anti-rotation, which is causing the discomfort in your low back during those exercises. Some hip mobility deficits are likely also contributing to the issue. You may also have some mild facet irritation going on, which will be most symptomatic during extension of the spine.


You sir sound like you know what your talking about. Anyway, aside from googling all the stuff you said can you recomend any mobility excersises or liftes I can start doing now to strengthen this weakness.


I'd just recommend general hip mobility drills, especially focusing on the hip flexors, adductors, hip internal rotations, and hip external rotators.

For exercises, start with some dead bug variations so you are working on the anti-extension musculature without opposing gravity, then progress to basic prone plank holds, PUPPs (Push Up Position Plank), and bird dogs. Make sure you are not allowing your lumbar spine to sink into extension. Then attempt swiss ball roll outs and progress to ab wheel roll outs. For anti-rotational work, I would start with static palloff press, progress to dynamic palloff press, and add in chops, anti-rotation presses, etc.

Stir the pot is a great exercise, but people try to do too much with it too quickly. With both the ab wheel roll outs and stir the pot, only do the range that you can handle and progress as tolerated.


remember to squeeze the glutes as well during these stabilization-type exercises.


Right on thanks Level, and Pb Andy. If your gona talk dirty to me atleast send me a PM.


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Much appreciated BBB. Your check for my endorsement is in the mail. :wink: