Low Back Pain, Not Sure Why

I’ve been having some weird lower back pain, on my coccyx area in the muscle. It’s been going on about 3 weeks now, with no known cause, didn’t seem to happen when I was lifting. I can squat without any pain at all, and I can pull with moderate rate, but above 90% it starts to hurts just a little. I cannot do good mornings for shit and if I brace my abs during them it makes it worse.

It’s only truly problematic when I sit down. My posture is okay except my head starts to tilt when I get a couple hours into studying. Finals are coming up and I could use some help because I cannot focus.

Rolling and reaching doesnt help much, it did a little in the first 2-3 days but never made it completely go away. I’ve tried rolling for up to 10 minutes now with some deep stretching for several minutes but now it doesnt help. I’ve been doing (spine neutral) hamstring stretches adductor and abductor stretches and even tried the sit and reach out of desperation.

Ideas would be great, I need something and really don’t want to go to the doc saying I have low back pain… thanks ahead of time.