Low Back Pain and Some Questions

I’ve had chronic low back pain for the past year right above my ass crack. It hurts when I sit down yet diminishes as I sit longer sometimes. X-ray says its clear so I am not sure what else it could be other than some messed up ligaments that have not yet healed.

Once or twice I have had severe pain that was probably due to an inflamed disc according to medical professionals. I know both incidents occured when I was warming up on deadlifting and squatting on two seperate occaisions. Previous to these incidents I have deadlifted, squatted, and did various other leg work.

My next bet is to lay off legs completely which is a hurdle because I need to bring my legs back up. I may be able to do some single leg calve work.

I’m hesitant to work only on upper body more frequently because I don’t want my legs to get even farther behind but need some feedback. My plan was just to repeat hitting my upper body after I’ve
recovered from each session. I am in no way am implying my upper body is really far. Just need some feedback.

Here’s a post with my old pics.

Thank you

Just above the ass crack sounds more like a tailbone issue than a low back disk issue. Check out the information here: http://www.coccyx.org/ and see if it applies. Good luck.