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Low Back Pain After T-Spine Herniation

Hi all,

I herniated a disc at the t-spine/lumbar spine junction about 5 weeks back. If I had to guess it’s at T-12/L-1. The pain was excruciating for a couple of days (needed help getting out of bed on day 1) but quickly subsided to that “be careful or you’ll tweak it” stage many of you are probably familiar with. I tried to return to light weights too quickly and have aggravated it once or twice.

My question is this. The morning after light exercise, I sometimes feel a light twinge around L-5/my tailbone. Occasionally it feels like it refers a little tingling (no pain) to my toes. This sensation is south of the original injury site. Could this be caused by an unfamiliar, compensatory movement pattern I developed while moving around my t-spine herniation (I’ve been deep squatting to pick things up instead of hinging over)? Could it be referred pain from the injury itself?

If anyone who’s had this experience could offer some perspective I’d appreciate it. I don’t know if this is cause for scheduling a doctor’s visit or if I just need to do more mobility and warmup for the low, low spine. Thanks!