Low Back Pain After Deadlifts

I’m having some lower back pain after doing deadlifts, I’m thinking it’s due to lack of proper warm up. I took a couple weeks off of squats and DL’s, and recently I tried doing some light DL’s to see how my lower back felt…and I hurt my lower back again. I was wondering if anybody has experience with lower back pain and chiropractors, and if it’s worth it to go to a chiropractor or just take weeks off to allow the back to heal.

Even a decent chiro should be able to offer some good help. If you’re lucky, you could come across someone like myself or Dr Ryan who is a chiro but also an avid lifter and knows much more about how to treat such injuries.

I currently suffer from the same thing that it sounds like you have. And it’s very fixable, but you have to find the right doc to give you the right advice.

Ask around your town about various chiro’s. Also see if any of them focus more on athletes. That’s a good start.

Hope that helps.
Best of luck.

Clay Hyght, DC, CSCS

What type of deadlifts? Whats the load/reps?

I have the same problem. I bought a trap bar for $190 and stopped deadlifting and squatting during the same workout. It has helped a lot and I discovered that in my case it was squatting that was the culprit. I’m still fixing my form but my back just doesn’t like a lot of weight on it.

yea I’m thinking about going to a chiro, I’ve heard good things said about their treatment. I’m relatively new to deadlifts…I’m 155 lbs and the workout that screwed my back was 135 x 10, 225 x 8, and on the third rep of 315 I started feeling pain. I was doing the DL’s with feet about a foot apart, hands slightly wider than shoulders. I’m pretty sure my form was good, and I was comfortable with the weight. I’m not sure what went wrong.

Whoa partner!

Standing ovation for your strength and courage!


You need to back off the load a bit and work on form. Do a search on this site for deadlift form or better yet get Stuart Mcroberts “Insider’s Tell All Handbook on Weight Trainning Technique” or go to exrx.com. You are headed for some serious lifetime injuries.

Hello Dr. Clay. Question if you don’t mind… What are your thoughts on liting with a spinal fusion? (Thoracic t5-t12)