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Low Back Injury

What’s up everyone,

I was wondering if anybody had any input on my situation.

I injured my back in May while doing low box squats. The squat rack I was in was narrower than I am used to and I didn’t have a box to use to I stacked up 45lb plates to use as a box (not my normal gym). While doing a set with 405lbs, I sort of got loose and sort of “plopped” on to the box and lost my positioning. I grinded the rep out off the box but I had a rounded lower back and it sort of looked like a half good morning half squat. I usually can’t maintain an arch while squatting anyway because my hamstrings are not very flexible. After this I started doing RDLs and i worked up to about 275lbs and felt pain in my lower back but also alot of weakness. I did not feel any snaps or pops in my back. After this I laid off deadlifts and squats did light lower body workouts because I had a meet in June. The pain did not go away but I competed anyway. My numbers were a lot lower than what I could have done while healthy.

After the meet I laid off lower body work for about 2 months because my back still hurt and went to chiro and a doctor but I haven’t really gotten a real answer to what the problem is. They just keep telling me my muscles are too tight or my pelvis is out of place?? The pain is in the center of my lower back above the glutes (where you can feel the bone and around the dimples). It hurts when I bend over and pick something up off the ground. For example, a deadlift is very painful when I try to pull off the floor to about the knee. I also feel very weak in this position. A squat is very painful when I lean forward and in the hole. Keep in mind these are with very light weights (135-225lbs). Also my hamstrings are extremely tight.They are very painful while stretching.

What do you guys think?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


So I got an Xray and went to a sports specialist. The x ray showed nothing and the sports specialist said that it is just a lower back strain. Do lower back strains usually last this long because ive been hurt since June. It does hurt when I sit down and lean forward still and my hips have been tightening up again. Thanks

Go get an MRI and get your discs looked at, I bulged out L5S1 in a very similar situation, squatting to much, form went out the window then I finished it by going way to heavy on leg press. Im sure it feels different for everyone but I knew I had messed up something because I felt like i was living the shell shock you get while playing call of duty, and the pain was in the area you are describing.

For a year I insisted it was a muscular problem and not a disc, I didnt get it taken care of or looked at, and I couldnt figure out why my deadlift wouldnt go up and it felt like a pulled my glute everytime I did legs. If it ends up being a disc take it easy, stretch! especially your hamstrings and glutes these will tighten up because of the injury, and for me a chiro worked wonders. I have no pain these days and am back to squatting what I was before my injury with much better form.

I had the same problem, but I had a pop during a rack pull. You may have some nerve damage, cause I had all the same symptoms as you except I heard the pop. I didn’t get an MRI, but what I did do was A LOT of stretching and got in an inversion table whenever possible. I laid off anything that involved my lower back for about 3 months.

I’ve been back at it now for about 6 months and I’m strong as ever, minus the fact that every morning my lower back is extremely tight, takes me about 20 minutes to get loose. I no longer do heavy goodmornings or heavy rack pulls, but deadlift heavy again. I can only recommend completely chilling out for at least a month. I know it sucks to take any time off, but better a few months than forever.

Wow, thanks for the great responses guys. I figure the only logical step is to get an MRI and Xray.