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Low Back Imbalance

I had a pretty nasty skiing accident a few years ago. I thought I had rehabilitated well after the months of being in a full length leg cast. I was not totally correct in that assumption.

I noticed that my lower back is much larger and more muscular on the side of the leg that was bearing all the weight while the other one healed. It’s causing some problems with squats and other lifts. I want to get it back in balance. What kind of unilateral lift would work to correct this imbalance?

The one that immediately pops into my mind is the one handed deadlift. It’s illustrated in Pavel’s Abdominal Book, and I think the exercise is listed on T-mag, but it’s pretty self explanatory. Just load up your barbell, stand to the side of it, you being parrallel to the barbell, grab ahoold of it in the middle, and stand right up. Works the whole side, and might help your condition. Hope this helps. -Sean

Ian King highlights a few unilateral leg exercises in his Limping series. Definitely worth a read.

Yes, 1 hand deadlift are good (illustrated in the “exercises you never tried” series).

Also try the 1 leg back extension illustrated in my hamstring article. Do this movement only with the leg of your weak lumbar side.

or ian kings 1 legged deads & 1 legged stiff leg deads

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be trying them out next time I’m in the gym.