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Low Back Fatigue


Anybody feel a lot of lower back fatigue from dead lifting after doing 3 deadlift workouts in 5 days?

WO1 : I done 10x3 ramping up to about %70 with the 1/2deadlift - 10kg jumps

WO2: Deadlift - 8x3 ramping up to about %70

WO:3: 1/2 deadlift added 5kg to the top set

I'm not hurt, my back is just tried.


Ya i have. I have been doing high performance mass and I decided x2 reps was much better. I am able to concentrate more and get less fatigue with deadlifts. Also sometimes depending how I feel I might do 3 reps for my sets with less weight and the higher weight I might do only 2 reps.


Yeah I went back to doing singles and reducing the frequency, my lower back doesn't seem to be conditioned enough to deadlift 3x per week.

Just finished a deadlift session! Worked up to about %95 of my 1 rep max and done 5 singles with that weight. My back feels less fatigued then the workouts i posted above.

Reading over some of the feedback it seems more people are seeing much better strength gains in the upper body presses then the lower body using HPM. I had excellent progress with the upper body lifts personally.


This goes for me as well, but I'd bet that this has to do with a lack of sled/prowler work...


Good point i did very little sled work. Nothing compared to what HPM prescribed.