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Low-Back Cramping

After completing a couple of months of cutting, I’m just beginning a bulking cycle employing the use of an M1T mix. Just a few days in, and already my workouts are suffering from extreme cramping in my erectors (a side-effect I remember well from Finasol cycle years back). Any suggestions re supplements that may help combat this, since a bulking cycle without squats or deads seems pretty self-defeating?

Sounds simmilar to the dbol back-pump.

Or your kidneys objecting to the M1T.

Might try taking your m1t way before your squat/deadlift workout. If that doesn’t work I just wouldn’t take it at all on those days. I have the same problem with d-bal, you could try crunches on a swiss ball in between sets to help alleviate the pain/tightness. BTW I’m assuming you know your body well enough to differentiate between a wicked lower back pump from something internal.

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