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Low Activity/Deload while on Gear?

I usually take a deload week every 5th or 6th week of a block, or if I feel burnt out.

Is it customary to do the same while on gear? I’ve heard people not take any break at all for an entire 12-16 week cycle. Is that wise?

I think deloading greatly depends on how you train.

For instance i dont train for strength I train for size/definition so very rarely will I push sets where my rep range is lower than 10. I don’t “deload” I don’t feel I need to. If iv been training real hard to hypertrophy and I feel my body in general needs a break il take 2 days off and I might do that once every couple months.

Now if your in the gym trying to hit PRs each week I don’t think it matters how much gear your on its probably a good idea to take a week or so every once in a while and lift light.

This is is by far solid facts I’m just expressing my view and how my body works.

On a 12 week cycle it take 4 weeks just to start feeling stronger or recover faster. Deload all you want then, But the day you feel it you don’t F-ing stop and take a break. You’ve got about 5-6 week to make the most of your cycle before your T receptors go kind of numb and you just aren’t feeling it anymore.