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Low Acid Coffee

For those of us who love the Joe but don’t want the acidity:

"CALIFORNIA (Commodity Online): About 35 million Americans have quit or cut back on their regular coffee drinking due to heart burn and acid reflux as coffee is reported ot aggravate such stomach troubles. This has led to a new opportunity for some companies who have come up with low acid coffee. Folgers, an industry leader is taking this and repositioning its Folgers Simply Smooth brand by calling it “low acid” coffee. The upstart is Puroast Low Acid Coffee. Unfortunately, among the brands available, only one of these is really lower in acid according to university research.

A leading chemist, Dr. Taka Shibamoto at University of California Davis, has conducted acidity tests of coffee. His research(1) has shown that Puroast has 50% less acid than traditional coffee and that Folgers Simply Smooth has roughly the same acidity as its regular brands of coffee. A separate clinical survey(2) with coffee drinkers who suffer from acid reflux reported that 90% of the sampled consumers were able to drink Puroast without the “usual symptoms.”