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Loving DeadLifts

Gah Damn!!!

After about 2 months doing deadlifts, i’m really starting to feel stronger. Today I hit a PR of 250lbs for 3 sets of 3. Ever since I have incorporated deadlifts into my work out routine, I have just felt stronger, had better posture, and best of all, gotten bigger.

Alot of people at my Gym stray away from doing deadlifts and one person today told me that I was going to blow my back out… He can shove it, dead lifts work, stick to good form, lower it slowly and controlled and keep the back straight and the knees bent while going upwards. Traps feel great, back feels strong and tight as hell.

Loving T-Nation and the deadlift right now, Back days have become my fav days.


I know what you mean. When I pulled my first 305 this week I was jacked. I love deads because it’s on thing that will remind me of my workout the next morning.

I hate deadlifts every time I hit a PR I always want more… cant ever just sit and be happy with what I got

Deadlifts rock. By far my fave lift, second only by the push press.

me too im so happy that this year i finally started dead lifting! im on 230lbs for 10 reps on 4 sets and im really improving i think, for me who comes from a past of hernia in the l4 and l5 which still gets me when i work out too heavy, at first i was afraid from the dead lifts but now i see deadlifts just rox! im trying to start squatting but i dont know if i can yet because of my back i tried the sissy hack squat today and god damn it its really tough all i want to do know is sleep haha.