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Loving C.T.'s Articles

Heya C.T.

I was very impressed with your Pedulum Training and your Mutation Series Articles. I also am a fellow Canadian Strength & Conditioning Coach. I started training atheletes 4 years ago so you could say I’m new to the business. I was just so bored and tired of training the same old lame ass weight loss clients that came my way. I needed to broden my horizons and use my education and experience of a Personal Trainer of 10 years to my advantage. I now have my own business called Peak Performance Pre-Hab. I travel all over Canada and I am starting to branch off into the U.S also visiting high schools, universities, amatuer/ elite & pro atheletic teams to pre-hab (Pre Screen) atheletes/ atheletic teams to make sure they are ready (in peak performance) and not going to injure themselves for game, come season time. I just thought I would let you know a little about myself since I am new to t-nation.

Anyways my question was your 2 workouts Pedulum Training and your Mutation Series are similar in ways but different in others. I was wondering if I could get your article “The Beast Evolves” since its not on t-nations website? We think alot alike and I would like to keep intouch with you. I love how you train yourself like you would train an athlete. I also train the same way and believe you should be able to do all the same stuff your clients do.

Thanks for your time


Here is the Beast Evolves article.


Ty ckeller I appreciate it!