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"Love Wins F@g" Cake a Hoax

Well apparently the Pastor who is suing Whole Foods got caught red handed. He faked the cake. The Whole Foods worker who decorated the cake is gay. They have security footage proving the cake never said that, and they are suing them back.
I think some of the LBGT activists are becoming extremists…
Whole Foods is as left as you can get in a capitalist market. I could see this guy perpetrating a fraud like this against Publix, but Whole Foods? If you take them away, where is a left wing extremist going to shop?

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Was this guy an activist, or just a scum bag trying to get a free gift card?

He is an activist…

Good food but overpriced, and frequented by people who are usually unhinged from reality.

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Is it a surprise that a gay “pastor” would disregard the law for his own gain?

Wow. Gay people can be assholes too. I guess they really are like us.

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Who knew?!

I just don’t understand why he picked on Whole Foods of all companies. They are a liberal company and a corporate champion for gay rights. And the chances of getting a gay cake maker there are pretty high.

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Maybe he didn’t receive his instructions the from Gay/Liberal Headquarters that day.

Because, like most leftists, he is probably a selfish, narcissistic, asshole.

Perhaps he’s a Log Cabin Republican.