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Love Training, Love Drinking


Hey guys I'm in college at the moment and I love training but I also love drinking. How much can I drink if I still want to make progress with bodybuilding?


.9 beer


2.874 beers per lunar cycle.


idk. as long as you dont over-do it youll be ok. i like to keep my drinking kinda low. ive had a couple beers almost everyday since Saturday but its like 2 beers a day then one day with none and today i had one whopping beer but tomorrow i plan on getting pretty drunk, of course.

anyway like i said, as long as you arent getting plastered all the time it shouldnt be a big deal but you should still try to keep it under control.


There was this extremely hot girl working out today. Up top, she was only wearing a small sports bra. At one point, I could see her areola hanging out of her bra.

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I think liquor helps a lot with uh.. over training.

I had to take 3 days off, 1 of which was an off day, to go on a trip. It was a really boring trip and I spent most of it pretty drunk. I did eat a good amount too, though. It's my second day and second workout back and I've just set PRs on both workouts. I weighed myself today and I'm finally 210lbs.

squats and beer


You mean it's not squats and milk anymore? Is the holy formula incorrect?

My head hurts... owwwwww


Didn't we already get this answered?


As long as it doesn't interfere with training and your nutrition the next day I'd say your fine unless cutting


Beer is a main component of Japanese professional sumo wrestlers diet. It's true, look it up. Those guys "train" every day.


With body building drink a 6 pack while on the way to the gym.

If you were powerlifting maybe in between sets


I have no idea. I spent 5.5 years in college and was a heavy drinker.

I stayed in good shape and grew bigger and stronger during college.

Maybe If I hadn't had so much beer, whiskey and unknown coctails I would be even stronger and bigger now, and I probably would have finished closer to four years than six.

But I wouldn't take many of those nights back for anything.

The downtime days with nothing to do but pop a top and get shit canned maybe.

But the parties where events seemed to be stranger than fiction at times and some of the hilarious scenarios alcohol (and weed, and occasionally coke) put my buddies and I in, classic. Well worth it.


I argee with TG. Most of the scenarios I saw were crazy and worth it. Now is a different story that I'm getting older, I definitely need to cut down. I'm not missing anything out there anyways.

Everybody is different and it's hard to say what works. You either love training more or drinking more.


that kind of advice will give some diabetes :smiley:


word. i dont think you should obsess over bodybuilding to the point where you lose out on fun, alcohol-induced memories.


Come on we all found out today that diabetes only occurs via spider venom....


on nights out... set a time and amount limit. when i go out, i dont drink more than 12 bottle/6 pints beers and i dont drink past midnight.

whichever one comes first. means when im up training at 10am i usually feel fresh but i can still have a good night and good few beers with my mates.


You need to be more specific. What kind of beer can I have between sets? And is it a full six pack between each set?

I love T-Nation, I learn so much.