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Love Poem

Here’s a poem that will get them flowing like Niagra Falls.

  • adapted from Jeffrey Ross, can’t remember exactly how it went -

I told her that a million poets could not describe her beauty…
…and she looked at me…and smiled

I told that if we would last for a million years, that i would love her for a million more…
…and she looked at me…and smiled

I told her that without her, my life has no purpose, no happiness, and no meaning…
and she looked at me and smiled

That’s when I realized…that she was retarded.


That’s a terrific “Peom”


Even though it was a joke(not very funny but, whatever), I just started another Alpha Male cycle, and anything mushy, cute, or sappy just makes want to go and kill something and wipe it’s warm blood all over my face and nuts. Is that normal or should I cycle back?

Ok, I was just kidding about that. Most of it.


That was beautifull! I laughed so hard I think I tore my diaphragm.

Analog Kid, don’t wory I do that even without the Alpha Male.

Don’t perpetuate the stereotype boys.