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Love or Hate Him, RIP George

RIP Steinbrenner. The man changed sport, both from the business and entertainment side of things.

Damn, Steinbrenner was a pimp.

Well, at least I can still enjoy “him” on Seinfeld reruns.


RIP Mr Steinbrenner

Between this and Bob Sheppard it has been a rough time in New York.

I’m not a Yankees fan, but can acknowledge legends when I see them. R.I.P.

Wow. That’s a bit shocking. My wishes are with his family, friends, and colleagues.

Seriously, RIP…I found out this morning on SC. They are still talking about him…

This will be the only thing on SC for the next few days, as it should be. I do not like the yankees but have to respect a guy who was passionate about what he believed and had the stones to stick to it.