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Love my Doctor

My doctor was open minded enough to subscribe me some testosterone upon my request. My T-Levels have been dropping steadily over the last couple of years (even though my insurance company says they aren’t low enough.) He originally subscribed Androgel for me, but without insurance it was too expensive for me. I asked him to subscribe injectable cypionate for me to the SAM’S club pharmacy since I read on the forum that you could get it for $42.00. My question is this: The subscription is for 1ml every 4 weeks. Will this have any noticeable effect on my body, mood, drive, etc.? Everything that I’ve read so far about cypionate states that it stays in the body somewhere between 5-7 days. If the dose won’t have any real effect, I will need some legitimate facts to go back to my doctor with to get him to increase it.

I would appreciate any help with this,


This is a lifter’s forum. You would probably have better luck getting your questions answered in the T-replacement forum.

hey there…

that is a terrible schedule and will do you more harm then good

read through the sticky threads, and then post your actual test results and symptoms

then we can help

^ X2 This equates to 200 mg every 4 weeks, which is enough to shut you down and make you feel like crap for 3 out of the 4 weeks. Most guys are on 100 mg/week, best shot in divided doses.

These drugs are generics and the prescribing literature is ancient and flawed. The literature states 50-400mg every 2 to 4 weeks. The literature cannot be changed without going through FDA re-approval [So that will never happen]. When docs prescribe that way, that indicates that they do not know any better.

At Sam’s, you must have a business membership, regular membership will not work. And that is the price when not using insurance. If you use insurance, the price will be closer to $100.

Tell your doc that you want to self inject 100mg per week. After your body removes the ester groups from the testosterone cypionate, that yields around 70mg of testosterone [happens to be bio-identical at this point], which is 10mg/day which is around the amount of T produced per day in young virile men.

You need to inject the T at least twice per week to avoid large T spikes and low levels on day 7.

Read the protocol for injections sticky, sorry it was highjacked a lot, and the sticky on estradiol. Understand T_AI_hCG. Then read the finding a TRT doc stick and the stick on lab work.

I myself have been on Test Cyp 1 week (1st shot 5 days ago) and HCG with GHRP-6 and Astrozolone…just today, started to feel a little tired…not sure if it’s the test or not. I will post details of program if interested.

weekly shot will do that to you. the hormonal rollcoaster makes arimidex dosing a random guessing game.

Is Astrozolone anastrozole?

[quote]KSman wrote:
Is Astrozolone anastrozole?[/quote]

Sorry…yes it is Anastrozolone 1mg. advised to take 1 per day 24 hours after t injection for 3 days.

[quote]johnduaneyoung wrote:
I myself have been on Test Cyp 1 week (1st shot 5 days ago) and HCG with GHRP-6 and Astrozolone…just today, started to feel a little tired…not sure if it’s the test or not. I will post details of program if interested.[/quote]

Not sure if posting in the right place…(forgive me if I am) - but here’s my program from Dr:

Test - 1 shot IM per week (1 ML) and it says on the bottle - Test-Cyp 220 MG/ML
GHRP-6 100 MCG (10 CC’s on syringe) every day (work up to 30 CC’s as tolerated) Sub Q
HCG - 200 units 2x weekly (vial says it has 5,000 units) Sub Q
Anastrozolone 3x weekly (1 MG pill) 24 hrs after Test shot

My Blood was :
T= 417
Free Test = 14
IGF 1 = 147
Estradiol = 32.7
SHBG = 19.9

I had all kinds of things tested…so if you need more info, let me know.
My goal is to lose some fat, gain muscle, get fit and get healthier.

220mg a week of T-Cyp is a huge dose.

unless you are interested in cycles and lots of fun side effects from overdosing on T, I would recommend dropping it down to .25ml (or 50mg every three days).

<side note - have you read through any of the stickies at the top of this forum?>

HCG is normally dosed every other day at 250iu, but 200iu E3D is not terrible.

Dividing the anastroz is a good move.

seems like you have an ok doctor, better than most, but the Testosterone dosage is scary.

did you test for D25-OH, ferritin, LH/FSH, Thyroid, Cortisol?

are you looking for quality of life improvements, or did you have symptoms of low T?

no idea with the GHRP-6, no experience with that - except that you jumped into a pretty aggressive treatment plan right off the bat. Is your insurance covering most of the costs, or were your symptoms that severe?

You are on way too much test plus this protocol is probably from an anti aging clinc because majority of them are complete idiots when dealing with HRT all they want is your money. Ghrp-6 only needs to be added in after t and e2 , thyroid and adrenals are stablized. Personally this is a recipe for future disaster. I refer this to kamikaze approach.

Your blood before TRT was 417 TT?
Have you looked to see if you are primary or secondary hypogonadism by chance?
I know alot of guys of total test 400-500 and are monsters and have no issues at all.

Depending on your age may be a little clomid and lifestyle,nutritional, and other hormonal modification is all that is required.

@ Hardasnails…
yes it’s through a clinic. My blood ws 417 before TT. I have not looked at primary or secondary hypog. as you mentioned, but frankly, I am not certain what that means and how I would. I know my blood tests were fairly extensive, so there is other info I have, just not posted. I am interested in the “future disaster” and what you mean by that – any reading or info you can suggest? I am 43, lifestyle has been completely couch potato for 4.5 years. I used to be a college athlete (tennis) and was reasonably fit in my 20’s and early 30’s (the old 5 lbs a year thing – 10 years go by and your 50 lbs overweight).

I am absolutely in the middle of a lifestyle change as we speak (working out, starting to play tennis again, and weights along with significant dietary change). So I am not just taking shots hoping for magic, I know that would be a huge waste of my money.

I am trying to read/educate myself on these topics alot. I can tell you, that I have only had 2 shots of T so far (2 days ago last) - and as far as working out - I can definitely see the benefits of recovery time already - and sexually speaking - very good things also happening. It’s a 12 week journey thru the clinic stuff now - and I am going to post my progress, etc.

Anastrozole is best dosed EOD. Too much will kill libido and cause mental problems.

Read the protocol for injections sticky!

For 220mg/week, you would need 2.2mg anastrozole divided into EOD doses.

You need to SELF inject your T more often to get steady T levels, otherwise your anastrozole dose can never be matched to your T levels.

Do lab work 1/2 between injections. If you dose more frequently, your lab results are more meaningful.

hCG would be better at 250iu SC EOD, IM not required.

You can dose your T, anastrozole and hCG all at the same time EOD.

John, you have hijacked someone else’s post. You should have your own thread, that is why there is a forum and not a chat room. [Also, the stickies are not for personal stuff either.]

KSMAN…sorry about the hi-jacking. it was unintentional. I will start a new one. Thanks alot for all the feedback, I do appreciate it very very much!

When you go to much with one hormone you will eventually up set the balance of other

Too much T will lower cortisol, thyroid, and elevated e2, lower DHEA
If you have an underlying hidden thyroid which many people do high levels of TRT will make it worse. you may not feel it right away but later it will catch up with you. I have seen it happen taking over 8 months to some what restabilize his thyroid and adrenals from being on just 4-6 weeks of high dosage testosteorne to mess him up. I see it in clincal setting all the time and against these “betty crocker clinics”. They use the same protocol for every one.