Love Handles

I have lost 40 poundes over the last three months. I have suplemented so I didn’t lose much muscle, so I am now a pretty lean, muscular 260. (at 6’6). My stomach is flat and hard, but I have these annoying love handles. I have three weeks to lose it (before vacation). Are these just the last holdouts of fat? I have read that they can be a side effect of gear use, but I have never gotten gyno or lost any hair, so why this? Also, I know spot reduction is a myth, but would doing extra oblique work help? I am currently eating high protein, low carbs, and doing cardio, 30 minutes, treadmill walking, incline, 4.3 mph. If you have had this issue, throw me a bone please.

I hear HOT-ROX might be your ticket. That and some ab work for the next 2 weeks.

I hate to say it, but I think you might have to just deal with them. I have always had them, even when I had mono and dropped about 35 pounds down to an emaciated 160 I still had them. I think it all comes down to bodyfat levels. What bf% are you at now?

Damn, my heart jumped when I read that “deal with them” comment. I am not sure what my BF% is right now, but dealing with it does not sound good to me.

C’mon man, he can do it!

I have em too. I’m going with HOT-ROX. Day 2 now, I’ll let you know what happens.

Here are a few tricks that may or may not work (or be scientifically valid)…

Check to see if the fat is actually cool, most of the time. If you are not getting much blod circulation (as is usually the case with problem areas), it will be difficult for your body to use the fat as fuel.

If this is the case, there are some tricks for trying to increase this:

–Wrap saran wrap around your waist and love handles, tight, while you are doing cardio.

–you might try a topical yohimbe solution like yohimburn… the juries out if this actually works, but if it can increase the cirulation it could do something.

Again, who knows how well this stuff works, but its probably worth a try.

Just to mention, those last suggestions are really, when all else fails sort of things…most people never get to a low enough body fat where this will probably even really help them…

probably the best bet is mor dieting, and not to expect miracles in only 3 weeks.

I have a neoprene waist wrap, I’ll use it. I was training at a gym in Las Vegas, Johnny Togas ringside gym, and Trent Tucker was wearing one. They said it melts the fat off, but I never really had cause to try it myself. I am just gonna keep the diet tight, and double the cardio. It would be nice to look great on the beach, but if I only look pretty great, at least I’ll know I tried. Shit, I’m 40 damnit. I’ll post results.

Good Luck!

Sorry if I came out sounding like a dick, I didn’t mean to. It’s going to come down to bodyfat, and you may have to get down to really low levels. I hold most of my fat in my love handle area, and even though my stomach is flat and my abs are slightly visible my love handles are very out of proportion. For me, I would have to go down to under 8% to get rid of them. It’s the cross I bear…

I have one of the neoprene belts as well that I tried to use a few years ago, but I didn’t have any results. It did make me sweatier and made me smell, but didn’t do anything to reduce the size of my love handles.

I think you can reduce them, just be realistic. I remember reading in a review of HOT-ROX, and I can’t remember if it was CT or Chris, but using it to spot reduce can be done if you are already at low bf levels in that area. Obviously it can help by reducing bf levels overall.

Good luck though in your quest!

Since I forgot to mention what CT or Chris said, I believe that it was used in a similar fashion as to what ddp said with the yohimbe solution, essentially opening the capsule and applying the gel directly.

I have the same issue. I can see my abs, but the damn handles makes me look strange. I’m going on HOT-ROX for the next two months, hopefully I’ll see some results on these damn handles. Will post with results.


yea, i have same problem with the ol’ beer handles.

methinks my wife is correct on this one: “lippo is the only way to get rid of them for good”.

i just can’t stand the idea :frowning:

I saw a guy on TV who had the same problem and thought lipo was the only thing that would work. At the time I thought,“bullshit, you’re just too much of a puss to put in the work”. Now I’m thinking it may be true.

But if I’m going to pay for any plastic surgery, it’s going to the wifes ta ta’s. Bless her heart, but she’s 40 too, and had two kids.

If all else fails, I’ll print a t-shirt: Chicks dig the love handles.

Are you sure it isn’t just loose skin? When loosing fat rapidly, it can take awhile for the skin to catch up. The older you get, the less elasticity your skin will have and the longer it will take to firm up, if ever.

My wife had the same problem. See a plastic surgeon. If it is fat they will suck it out. If it’s not then they will remove the excess skin (mini-tummy-tuck). At your age, that is the only way that will go away. You will NEVER lose this through diet or exercise.

It could be, but there is not a real soft looseness to it. Shit, you see all those body for life guys and other transformation people, some of who are older than me, so it must be possible. Some of them are wearing their shorts suspiciously high though.

Good to see some other guys having this problem (well…i wish we didnt, but at least we can go through it togehter!)

I am already pretty low and did the V Diet with HOT-ROX for 2 weeks and not a damn thing happened to them. I am bulking again right now and probably after I hit 195 or so will do a strict 12 week diet. I REAAAALLLLY want to get rid of them because I have had them my whole life and it is frustrating t never get rid of them.