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Love handles

Well it’s that time of year, I’m in the middle of Meltdown training, on Hot Rox, and have dropped my bf to 10%. My abs are coming through nicely, but those damn love handles just remain flat-out impossible to lose. I’m also finding that the fat on my abs, while much reduced, seems to be, well more there than the last time I dieted down. Is this just another by-product of age that I am going to have to live with? Am I fated to curse my youthful indulgences for leaving me with wretched excess in my dottage?

To be completely honest…

I think you just need to eat better bro and not rely so heavily on Hot-Rox. I’ve heard of this thing before (the getting rid of the love handles)and the only solution that I’ve found for myself to work is just to eat healty. A low carb, less calorie, high protein works wonders for me.

While I don’t know too much about Hot-Rox I’d be curious to know what body-fat exactly it’s targeting and how it works in particular relationship to getting rid of fat. Like I said, I don’t know anything about this product nor have I looked into it other than the advert that is constantly on the left frame of my web browser.

Stick with my advice and you should be fine…

My friend, I feel your pain, the love handles are my biggest PITA to lose as well. I am not on Hot Rox but am currently taking a well known ECA stack. Maybe Hot Rox next time around tho. I also eat a pretty much low carb reduced calorie high protien diet and the fat always leaves my legs first then upper body and with increased cardio will finally start going from my lower gut and handles. I know this is not a great place to encourage increased cardio but that’s what I’ve seen work in the past. Thank god summer is nearly here, I can hear the river calling my name. Heat and swimming shall be my savior.

This may sound obvious and silly but hey it’s happened to me as well. Firstly, how much attention do you give your obliques when training your abs? If you work them hard, they’ll pull in and help you look tighter. Secondly, I haven’t seen your picture, but it’s also easy to confuse muscle that’s not rock hard, with a little fat. The problem is that where your obliques meet your hips there’s a bulge, and unelss you let yourself realize that a well toned abdominal section has that musculature to it, it can be a little discouraging. Now that said, don’t let yourself pretend that it’s muscle there when it may infact be excess fat.

I feel your pain. For me, the lovehandles are the last to go. The rule of thumb is first on, last off. I’m around 10% right now and while my abs are looking good I still have some love handles. It’s just something I have learned to live with. The only way to get rid of them totally is liposuction.

Check out the Iron Dog column in issue #245. Part of it deals with some hormonal differences that may have some impact on regional fat storage.

Its called dialing in your diet and learning about fat cell/adipose tissue metabolism
whoever said you can only eliminate them through liposuction is seriously in need of T-Mag enlightenment.

I’m with Vain on this one. I’ll also add that your entire midsection/hips should be trained together and with as much attention as the rest of your body. I have an ab routine that focus’ more on the obliques and hip flexors than the abs. The results are just begging to show but I see a lot of potential in it already. I have also lost a lot of fat in my lower back and glutes with this routine. Finally it has also helped with other large compound movements like deads/squats.

Actually, I have been reading t-mag for 3 years now. While I can greatly reduce my lovehandles, I will never have ripped obliques. That is simply where I store fat. I have gotten down to 7-8% and still had a little love handles. I’m talking about having veins in my stomach and legs. You can say that I don’t know anything about training or diet but you don’t know me. I follow massive eating guidelines and my training is intact too. I think we are kidding people when we say everyone can have ripped obliques or have no fat in certain areas. Just like not everyone can look like John Berardi.

But Vain, even T-mag writers have said this.

Once you create fat cells they are there forever, right? Yes, you can shrink them, but if you have enough of them, I think it’s almost impossible to get rid of those trouble spots, especially if you’ve been overweight in the past.

I find that most who disagree with this have never been significantly overweight.

RS - That sounds like spot reducing.

I would also like to add that I was a fat ass up until 3 years ago. 3 years ago I lost 88 pounds. Thanks TEK for clearing that up.

when you were a fat little kid like I was it’s hard to have a small waist even at low bf %.

The only solution is get BIGGER!!!
Bigger chest ,shoulder and back Will take the attention off of your love handles. This will give you somewhat of a V-shape.

Having strong abs and obliques will give you a powerful look like a powerlifter. A lot of powerlifters have big stomachs but still look tight do to a thick abdominal wall.

Take a look at Stone Cold Steve Austin he is not totally ripped, he’s probably like 10-12% bf and he has a pretty thick stomach. However he still has a great build and he looks like an ass kicker do to the fact that he has big shoulders and chest.

Thanks all, for your responses. First, I’m on the T-dawg diet, I’ve had great success with it in the past. Second, I’m doing Coach Davies ab routine, as well as CT’s babehounds and athletes ab program. The Renegade ab training has done wonders for my core strength, and really helped me tighten up in areas which I didn’t even know existed. Lastly, I’m positive that it’s fat on my obliques. I did the old Arnold test. He walked by a bodybuilder one day, and told him he was fat. To prove it, he made him jump up and down, and told him “if it jiggles, it’s fat” Not too scientific, but not a bad measuring stick either.

bro i have been trying to lose them for the past four years and believe it or not, thanks to reading TMag im actually starting to make gains!

Firstly what i’ve started is a YACE stack twice a day

4-5 mornings a week I do HIIT
evenings i do my martial arts training and two days a week i do weight training

My diet is very clean at the moment, 6 meals a day, 3 P+C meals consisting mainly of oats or veggies and lots of quality protein. P+F meals x 2 (salmon + veg or whey + flax ) and one post workout shake after my hard evening sessions.

I’ve definately seen gains or should i say losses :smiley:

Just work hard and eat clean bro, try a stack and see how it goes. Btw im following JB’s don’t diet diet protocol