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Love handles

Well I have been lifting for years, but I cannot get rid of love handles. I have tried everything. Sidebends etc… But they just seem to build muscle underneath making them look larger. Is there a sure fire way to get rid of them? I need help on this one. Thanks!

You cannot spot reduce. Side bends are just going to help you build muscle. If you want to lose the fat, you are going to have to adjust your diet and your activity levels. Sorry, there is no easy answer.

Read every article on T-mag by john Berardi, then if you need to ask that question again.
Seriously though, it’s all about diet. Like you said if you try to spot reduce fat with exercises at best you’ll just be building muscle underneath, which is a good thing but who wants there pretty muscles covered by flab?? Aside from reding the Berardi columns(ever damn one!!!) I would try the T-dawg diet and maybe try meltdown training. Also something that would help would be to search these forums for “fat loss” This subject has been discussed so many times on the forum and everyone has given great suggestions so that would be another good place to start. Good luck,
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Diet and cardio…same as other body fat…the body seems to “hold” on to some fat stores preferentially over others and the love handles are they last to go on me too…just keep dropping body fat through regular diet and cardio methods and they will eventually go when BF% gets low enough ~6-7%.

It’s all diet, no exercise can spot reduce.

Not to be an asshole but…lose weight, by weight I mean fat. That’s the bottom line.

Get your diet in order to lose the fat.

Get active a burn more calories than you are now. Rope work might help with this.
good luck

Love handles are fat deposits under the skin, lose the fat and so will you lose the love handles. But here’s the kick in the pants… they are usually the last to go… bastards… No amount of excercise (except for some kind of freaky future excercise of which I am not aware of) can help you with this unless you combine it with a good diet

Diet, diet, diet, diet. Everybody responds differently to different diets, but its in nutrition that body fat is lost. If once you’re lean and you still have the same “shape,” then it’s your bone structure.

I have a similar problem, I think.


What’s your bodyfat %? There’s your likely answer.

As you discovered, spot reduction is a myth. The solution is to reduce your bodyfat. The benefit is that everything else you have will start to look better, not just your waist. You will lose the most fat in the places your body stores it most, which differes with each person. You can start down the road to fat loss by reducing calorie intake, increasing daily exercise, eating several small meals thoughout the day, and making better food choices. What and when you eat DO have an effect. Start with the FAQ section here and look at some of the eating plans. If you have a sedentary (desk) job like me, definitely try to get some exercise every day, do NOT starve yourself, and take steps to reduce mental stress in your life, reducing cortisol, and the tendency of your body to store visceral fat around your midsection. Good luck!

You can do side-bends or situps, but please don’t touch that but…

Oopse. Sorry.