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love handles

First I,ve just finish a 3 week cycle of andro. Except for my aking joints from all this new found strengt this andro is great. Ok now for my question. I work my abs about 4 times a week and my six pack is starting to show, the only thing is I just cant get rid of my love handles.Any sugestion. T.YOU

lose some fat… then you will lose love handles, which are fat ironically.

take off your shirt. ok, look in the mirror. whos the fat guy looking back at you? granted, some people have to get their bodyfat down to 7-8% to lose the lovehandles but they will go eventually. btw what kind of “andro” did you use?

If dieting and yohimbine don’t help, there’s always liposuction.

Try yohimbe, like Reeshdawg said.

I tried to avoid the cardio beast for as long as possible, but the bottom line is that if you want to lose the love handles cardio can definitely help.

What is Yohimbe and where can i get it?

Yohimbe is a herb, you can get it from the ground from whence it groweth frometh.

MD6 (click on Biotest ad on this page) has yohimbe and everything else you need in a fat loss product. Although you can stack it with T2 or T2-Pro if you fat loss slows down.

Tried a thermo (thermogenic)? Since I’ve discovered the EC combo (Ephedra Caffeen) I’ve been able to do a lot in that department with out much muscle mass loss. Some people can’t handle the Ephedra tho, causes heart palps, check with your doctor, but if he says yes, run with it! You won’t be disapointed!

Not to be rude…but why in the hell do you work your abs 4 times a week.If you do high reps for your abs then it is apparent you have not done your homework…the rectus abdominus is composed of primarily fast twitch muscle fibers…what responds best to fast twitch? Lower reps. So I would do abs twice a week. As far as what to do…read some of the article in here on ab training…also i do leg raises charles poliquin way for 2-3 sets of 12 reps with weight attached…then do situps with plyometric throwing a medicine ball to someone and them throw it to me overhead…then do some swissball crunchs with a weight…finish it off with i forget what its called but two people stand back to back and with a medicine ball come around and grab it and then bring it to your otherside and hand it off then repeat…anyways hope this helps…also to see your abs its all in the diet…good luck

Lose some fat.

You need to lose some fat and basically that comes down to burning off more than you eat. BE PATIENT. You might also try doing some sprints. If you can tolerate them they work very well for hardening up the midsection. Just be sure that you ease into sprinting with short distances and not too many sets. Good Luck.

Thanks! and by the way the fat guy looking back at me in the mirror is 5-8" 165 pounds 13%fat.unfortunatly you can be skinny but when your 40 or so those love handles are much harder to get rid of. I will try the realy good advice that some of you did give and to those T.YOU verry much!