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Love Handles Dilema


so ive been on a diet/training for the last 9 weeks,am seeing excellent reuslts but am having a problem with my love handles, i can see my body transforming,i am growing muscles but the love handles are so persistant on not leaving.
am on a 2800 cals diet,i train 3 days a week weight lifting,and another 3 i cardio.
dont know what to do,i even tried hiit for a while but didnt work.

so anyone has any advise/supplement worth mentioning/excentric diet ,anything i would really appreciate it.


Your genetics are the only thing that control body fat placement. Unfortunately, all you can do is continue to cut down.


after all the readings i did,that answer was what i always got.


[quote]waelkd wrote:
after all the readings i did,that answer was what i always got.


That’s because it’s the only answer there is… You can get liposuction, which will cost bundles and leave you with awful scars, or you can diet and exercise it off.


ofcourse no LS ,yeah dieting is the only way out


Definitely genetics…and maybe something to do with gender as well. I’ve read that in general for men the last thing to leave is the gut-lovehandle-lower back region, the spare tire. And for women it is the thigh-glute-saddlebag region that is last to go. Obviously it is different for everyone, but this seems to be consistent with my experience.

I did the V-Diet a couple of months ago and have been following JB’s GSD guidelines for the last month since finishing the V-Diet. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to thin out everywhere else before I really got to the area that I wanted to lose…the spare tire.

I just received this from PN the other day and I found it encouraging. The fat loss deadzone that he describes is exactly where I am right now.


Lesson #2: When Fat Loss Turns Invisible - The Dead Zone
Fat loss is a funny game when you get into the 10-15% range. Above 15%, any fat loss looks good. Your shape improves, you get slimmer, clothes get smaller, and so on.

Once you slide below 15%, the returns really diminish. You can lose a boatload of fat and it seems invisible. Itâ??s not until you get below 10%, or even 8%, where abs start to appear, where your waistline starts to get really tight, and where veins really start to show up.

So basically, there is this giant dead zone in the middle where youâ??re making real gains but theyâ??re incredibly unsatisfying. You must hang in there anyway. If you donâ??t, youâ??ll never be lean.

Lesson #3: When Fat Loss Turns Invisible - The Dead Zone, Part 2
At some point during the fat loss trek, everything seemed to stall. The scale was inching downwards, but the tummy looked the same, no abs in sight. On and on the stupid diet went, and still no abs. Hereâ??s why. My body was shedding fat from other, less sexy, places like my quads, my back and my a$$. I just wasnâ??t looking there. If I would have been, I might have been happier with my progress.

Our bodies are funny things, and fat will come off unevenly. Sometimes itâ??s not where we want it to come from most. It doesnâ??t matter. Thatâ??s the way it goes. Youâ??ve gotta just keep plugging away. Because eventually the fat will be lost. All of it.

In my case, itâ??s clear that my abs wonâ??t really pop until I get down to probably 5%. Others may be luckier, but that seems to be what I have to do.


like what u wrote educational and encouraging some how,the article u linked is really something it gives u a headsup on what to expect .
anyways thx for the extra info. appreciate it buddy


Wait whoa guys…(barring rare instances), you cannot build muscle and lose fat at the same time for the most part. If you want to get rid of the love handles, you need to diet down. If the goal of your diet is to increase strength and size, you’re gunna put on fat, and youre love handles arent gunna go anywhere(in fact they might grow bigger).

If this concept is foreign to you, I’d start reading threads in the beginners section about bulking.

You’re love handles have little if nothing to do with working it. It’s your diet which you seem to be a little clueless about how your body works in terms of building muscle, burning fat, and how they translate to an excess/deficit of calories.


love handles = suprailliac = carb intake

You are eating too many carbs for your genetic carb tolerance.


[quote]KateK wrote:
love handles = suprailliac = carb intake

You are eating too many carbs for your genetic carb tolerance.[/quote]

I was hoping someone would say this…