Love Handles and Waist Fat

Alright so I lift for like 2 three years off and on, Never really had any plans or anything ever when I’m doing this. I’m pretty strong. I hear that love handles and waist extras is bad for insulin resistance… That’s about the only fat I have now… How do I get this shit off I am very active I can eat like 4,000 calories a day and still lose weight now its summer. But no matter what I do I can’t get that down… Help!?

4,000 consisting of what kind of food? Losing fat has more to do with diet then with activity.

eat less
less carbs
more cardio on empty stomach

Try cutting carbs, I read in a recent article that low carb diets can make you lose up to 4 times as much fat from your abdomen.

[quote]Gmoore17 wrote:
Try cutting carbs, I read in a recent article that low carb diets can make you lose up to 4 times as much fat from your abdomen.[/quote]

A little half assed science, take it for what its worth because I am not a nutritionist and am still working on understanding this stuff in my free time.

There is such a thing as a stubborn fat area. Basically, when you are in a caloric deficit your body uses catecholamines as a signal to release fatty acids from fat cells.

These catecholamines bind to alpha and beta receptors in fat cells telling them to release stored fatty acids for energy. When they bind to beta receptors, they signal fat breakdown and when they bind to alpha receptors they signal fat storage.

The abdominals in men have a larger ratio of alpha receptors to beta receptors, meaning it is harder to get them to release their fat stores.

They way to mobilize fat is to lower insulin (less carbs) and create catecholamines (more exercise).

This is from Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0, which give a pretty detailed run through of the science behind fat loss. I recommend checking some of his work out if you are interested in this stuff.

In it he talks about depleting glycogen stores in muscle, meaning fatty acids need to be released for energy, through primarily lactic acid training and low carb dieting through the week. After about 3 days the alpha receptors shut down and the areas are free to mobilize fat.

…Personally, I’m doing a mix of little/no carb on rest days and just enough carbs to support semi-intense training on lifting/conditioning-fat loss days.

[Edit: Post your diet and you can probably get help fixing your diet to lose the fat. I have a hard time believing you can take in 4000 kcal a day and lose weight unless you are a serious athlete or just that muscular]