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Lousy One


Well with 2 training weeks to go until the National Masters hitting it hard. Monday moved super pounds in bench warmups, then put the bench shirt on. Well to those of you who have used a Titan Fury, it is single ply, and tuff. My helpers had trouble getting the sleeves right so one did a nasty turn on my left arm that hurt like hell. So I benched,smoked 315, smoked 355, made a 375, tried 400 and got it 3/4 up, then triceps quit. So we did board presses. I went to the 375 with 4 boards and first rep was tough, second was ugly beyone belief and hurt. So I quit for the day and went home to ice my shoulder. I iced it again before bed. Got up for work and could not move my arm. So using therapeutic mineral ice, and heat I got movement back somewhat that night. Then even more on wednesday, but I could not squat like this. Chiropractor agreed it was a strain and rest and heat are best.
So here it is Thursday night and I have almost full range of motion back, and pain subsiding. So look out next week, but will have better help with the shirt next week.


Keep up the good work bro.You'll make that gear adjustment next week and the weight will move!I'll see you in Killeen.Jimmy T


Pulled really well yesterday so look out.
See ya there bro.