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Louie's Podcast, Replace DE Upper?

I was watching Louie’s podcast and he mentioned doing 6x6,8x8 and 10x10 on bench instead of speed work,but he mentioned nothing about the squat

I plan on replacing de upper with this
Week 1 6x6 at my 12 rep max or so,week 2 add 5 pounds,week 3 add 5 pounds week 4 deload
Week 1 8x8 at my 15 rm or so,week 2…
Week 1 10x10 on my 20 rm or so,…

Then I’ll get back to 6’s and start with the second weeks weight

How does that look?

Also would you do the same for squats?

I think after your first 10x10 squat workout followed by supplemental and assistance work and some sled dragging you’ll know the answer to this.

RE upper has been pretty popular for a while. I think you’ll find good success with that.

Assistance after 10 x 10 squats you mean 20 minutes of catching my breath?

Pretty much what I’m getting at. You’ll either use a weight that isn’t challenging enough to really get anything (at which point, you might as well go DE so you can get the speed benefit) or you’ll no be able to do any of the other stuff that is pretty vital to Westside or conjugate work.

You’re right on that one.Squatting for reps might not be a bad idea bad 10 x 10 is probably a bit over the edge

what kind of powerlifter knows his 20rm on squats lol

you won’t be able to sustain the 10x10 workouts, imo. It’s just annoying to do

Gotta link to the podcast?

A very fit powerlifter maybe? :grin:

That’s the one,he tells it in the first 10 minutes

Also here’s another he did on lower body

If you’re a raw lifter, you’re better off doing speed singles in the 70-80% range for explosive development. You can focus on technique much better and the weight will be heavy enough to elicit some strength development and yet light enough to not struggle. Sets of 2-3 reps as fast as possible with or without accommodating resistance doesn’t seem like it would help technique if you’re trying to push reps as fast as possible. There’s too much room for error with technique doing multiple reps even with light weight. It’s only my opinion for what has helped me in the past. I never got anything out of DE work the way Louie has stated, but then again, I’m not on that gym’s level either so the advanced guys may need it. But if you’re beginner to intermediate levels of strength, there is little reason to do DE work.

On speed days I prefer using 30,35,40 % rather than going heavier.I got that from Matt Wenning.Although it’s pretty light the purpose of the day is to keep speed above .7 m/s

What will a speed day at those percentages with that rep scheme do for you when the weight gets to 90+% at the bottom of a lift where they are heaviest?

his podcasts are here, audio only version

I can speak for myself that DE days helped me a lot. I do not have bands/chains in my gym so I just used straight weight. And I didn’t do special exercises, just the bench. Got 10 kg on my max for like a month or so. Which in my case was really nice progress. I did 8x3 at 60% with around 20 sec rest between sets and then heavy dumbbell inclines + triceps and upper back work. It was pure gold lol

The intent of the day is to keep the speed above .7 m/s,and I really can’t do that with weights above 50 %.If I put on 70-80 % as you suggested I’ll turn that from a speed to a volume day

well Louie talks in podcast numer 11 I think about using 50% weight and 30% band tension, that way he is doing his DE at around 80% like the russian and chinese lifters

When I said 30-40 % I talked about bar weight.I also add bands
They probably add around 25 %

That was great. Here are some of my favorite parts.

-I always hoped she would get a flying head scissors on me.

-Wheel Barrow Shrugs!
-Use all 3 grips on the Swiss Bar. Why didn’t I think of that?

-Gambling at the gym, on lifts! Gambling makes dumb shit like horse shoes and rummy fun! Gambling on lifting sounds like the coolest!

-Get in shape! The older you get, the more you must do. I don’t play sports or ride bikes or climb trees any more. I should do general work, besides more squatting and benching, to make up for it.

-Don’t have bad workouts. Break the record, and move on. Don’t take that last weight and miss it. 5 pound records add up. Steer your workouts toward success.

-Be smart enough to take what works from other lifters or coaches. Do what they have proven works.
“I’ll steal a knife and cut your throat with it.”

Straight weight at 80% definitely different than 50 straight and 30 band tension.

However, doing singles with straight weight at 70-80% you can generate significant speed and has greater carryover to your max bench. I doubt most who ever did speed work took the time and timed themselves at .7m/s to see if it was actually considered speed work. That time frame really doesn’t mean anything in the real world. Fast is fast. Can you be fast with 70-80%? Yes, if you’re strong and done using singles specifically for speed on the concentric portion where it counts.

It’s also difficult to determine whether or not speed work was useful towards a max when doing heavy inclines db’s, triceps and upper back work when that particular weight was heavy. More than likely, since using a full ROM with the heavy assistance work, it probably contributed more to a 10kg gain than the speed work did.

Take a look at CAT training. Read about Fred Hatfield and Josh Bryant concerning that training.

I’m not against speed work, but for raw lifters and especially those only having a few years under their belt, it’s just not necessary or helpful towards building a total. If you read enough, you’ll find “offseason” speed was done in the 15-30 set range.

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Maybe you are right, but it feels awesome, which makes it better overall lol

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