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louie simmons westside package videos

I was wanting a little more descirption on the louie simmons westside package videos. I know it says a squat workout, a bench workout, a deadlift workout, a bench viedo, and then a squat video, but what exactly is in those videos? Is it exercise descriptions? Do they use mostly bands and chains? Would it be good for an intermediate lifter, but westside beginner to get? I’ve already got the westside seminar video package…

tallan 30,

I own the videos. Basically, it is a good run down of the westside approach. They show different lifters going through their training routines. Yes, they use bands and chains on the series. They are pretty decent videos. The only criticizm I have is that the audio portion of the entire series is sub-par. Sounds (and looks) like it was done on a home unit. A very “tinny” sound. Otherwise, good videos.