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Louie Simmons and Steroids


Hey all,
Below is an excerpt from a T-Nation interview with Louie Simmons(LS).
He says that he has been on a constant cycle for around 3 decades now.
So,I'm assuming that he can't stop,or he'd crash,and need hrt?
His body isn't producing any test on its own,right?


NM: What is your stance on the use of steroids?

LS: The dangers are way overrated. It's corticoid steroids that they inject football players with every day that will kill you! Personally, I've done anabolic steroids straight for the last 28 years.

NM: Do you cycle?

LS: No, I stay on. I don't believe in periodization in training, either. I use mostly anabolics like Equipoise and Laurabolin until it's time for a competition, and then I do the harder androgens. I do not take Anadrol. I've never had any problems. I know guys who take much more than I do, to the point where you can call it abuse, and they don't seem to have any problems, either. There's no possible way I can train the way I do without taking anabolics, but the same techniques of training apply even if you're natural. I've also used the andro products and find that they give a greater boost in aggression than steroids! At least temporarily. I use them right before training.


And, wouldn't his cholesterol levels be all screwed up?


If his diet is.


So he keeps taking them and he's fine. I see no problem. He'll keep taking them and training the way he does for as long as he lives.

I anticipate them prying a barbell out of Louie's cold dead hands anyway...

Which is to say he'll probably be doing this for a long time still.


i feel this was a major point missed in the dave tate diet thread. Surely to get healthy coming off the gear would address a lot of his immediate issues (High liver enzyme tests etc)???


I was wondering pretty much the same thing. Maybe the steroids would be the culprit to some of these negative effects Dave Tate is suffering from.


You'd try to take his pop tarts AND his sauce from him? You are much braver than I am.


A few months ago during the WDFPLF world's some 85year old lifter died on the platform when deadlifting after setting up new records for his age class.

What I always find strange is that everyone in the US is scared of the DEA when taking roids, but then there are guys like Louie Simmons and so on that admit in public that they are taking lots of the stuff and the don't get in trouble... Why is that?



Just a quick note from personal experience. I used large amounts of anabolics for ten plus years, in the 1-2 gram range per week non-stop. Where it screwed me was mentally. When i decided to stop i had all labs run working with an internal medicine specialist. My test level was 7217, reference range 290-1100, so yes i was jacked! All other labs came back within normal ranges, no lipid problems, no problems on my CBC, PSA normal etc. My doctor was shocked, i attributed it to a healthy diet, lots of fish oil (10 to 15 grams daily), lots of water, and no recreational drugs or alcohol. Don't get me wrong, i suffered big time coming off all this stuff, mentally primarily...but physically i never suffered any ill effects. I do have to take an HRT dose of test now but would have had to anyway, my test level was always very low that is why i originally started down the steroid path.


The 85 year old lifter in question is Paul See from Belgium and he didn't die but did have a heart attack after his deadlift. When he came around the first thing he said was "Did I get The lift". Barry Crowley from Cork, Ireland was the head judge and he become known as the Grim Reaper. I know I won't be deadlifting next month at the nationals if Barry is Judging (the last thing I want to do is die).


Oh.. then sorry for the misinformation.
When I read it, there was something like clinnically dead.


Your a good example of a conciencious user. Tate doesnt strike me as the kind of bloke who worries about fish oils, garlic caps, coq10, milk thistle or any other ancilleries.


My blood pressure is 124/80 and I've been on for about a year or so, basically non-stop...my cholesterol is good too...


As far as Dave Tate and 'roids go, I'd be MUCH more worried about the MacDonalds meals and cinnamon roll's effect on his overall health than any side effects of steroid use.

Same goes for Louie, I bet. (I love those Westside guys!)


I wouldnt. Besides were not talking about one or the other. In this case diet is shit and roids are used.


Who said he was doing one or the other?

I know full well the poor dieting and steroid use is concurrent.

I stand by my statement, though... Dave's diet is more of a health risk than his steroid use. I think you'd need to show a shitload of non-existant research on the health related issues of steroid use to change my mind. Especially in light of all the research the does exist on diets like Dave's.


I know there is research of steroid use and health factors/risks out there. But it seems to be mostly overblown and semi-hysterical.


Agree on your last statement but coming 'clean' off the gear would also have an adverse effect on health surely?

While your right on the issue of health and steroid research, excessive prolonged gear use is linked with a myriad of health complications (People talking about shut down like its fuck all for instance, raised LFT's, cholesterol etc etc)

Diet is the major player in anyones health but its still part of the picture rather than the whole picture.

Id like to see exactly what differences Beradi's diet does to DT and see if the issue of gear use comes into play in the future articles.

Not wanting to turn this into a DT thread but if you puke at clean healthy foods you aint been eating right for a long long time.