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louie quote

I’m not sure if this is a direct quote but it is attributed to louie simmons on page 27 of the december 03 issue of powerlifting usa…

‘…The more inquiring (extroverted), the more often you must switch exercises, using a wide variety. The more introverted you are, the less often you need to switch exercises and the fewer exercises you need.’

I’ve never heard anything like this before, does anyone know what he meant and why he said this?.. fascinating.

call him and ask him he puts his number at the bottom of all his articles and he is very nice and will talk to any one…big m

joking right?

He called me back after i left a few messages, whether or not you like westside, Louie is an awesome guy.
Def call him, and post back if you do please.

This sounds nuts but it could be something that he has noticed after training people for 30+ years. Ive always had to change often and I am extroverted.

I’ve noticed this as well. I’m extroverted and I have to change things in my program constantly.

I’ve read a few things Kurz has said on this subject. It is all mental. If you are extroverted you get bored easily; therefore, maybe you’re not as content with the workout and maybe don’t push yourself as hard. And of course the introverts are the exact opposite; they are satisfied with what they are doing.

I found more intesresting how Kurz said that extroverts respond well to encouragement/yelling/cheering and introverts don’t. That makes me think before I start shouting when someone is going for a PR.

I’m intoverted, and I change things a lot anyway :slight_smile:

I guess you could say i’m pretty introverted, sorta a loner. I can seriously go a couple months on the same program and keep seeing results.

BM is not kidding. If you are not a tool, he will talk to you. Leave a message and he will call you back.

Honestly, that makes shit loads of sense. I mean, not exactly for “physical” gains, but if one trains according to their personality type, they will be more likely to “think strong.” Without that positive thinking, most people never make gains.

BM is not joking, Louie is a totally approachable and easy to talk too.

Im more introverted and never really change at all…

nope not joking…i would call him all the time…but i have gotten to be good freinds with jim wendler and i respect his opinion so much…any time i need something i give jim a call or ask him a question and he is very kind and will help anyone who works hard…big m

I’ve read where Poliquin says that most extroverts lean toward fast twitch, and must change their parameters a lot. CT has said it too in the Black Book. Actually they used the terms laid back and hyperactive, or something to that effect.

Im suprised that Louie makes himself avaialable for anyone to call up with questions…thats pretty cool. I thought u were joking.

Honestly, with Louie having written so many free articles about the Westside method and having Dave Tate write up even more free articles, you would expect Louie to be easy going about giving out training info over the phone.

If training is a major part of your life, you’ll be happy to share it with others.