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'Loughtner was on Steroids'


Clearly the Roid Rage.


picture fail - so i will just give a link

2nd comment at the "sound off" section below the article


"Phil" is an idiot.


Another balanced young man driven insane by roid rage, when will the carnage end?


aw man I came here looking for some really hard-core strong jokes....I misread the title of this thread.


Did you think it was about the Lautner kid from twilight to?


<==== Raises hand...


if you can see my arm behind his massive body, its up


No, I thought it was "Laughter on Steroids".


Me too!


Nards you are the funniest person on this board. I had a good chuckle this morning reading your post. Just for you I want to punch Rourke too.

FWIW I thought this was about that werewolf kid too.


^^ Thanks for that! But at first I did misread the post originally. The only guy I've head of from the Twilight movie is Robert Pattison.
I actually watched about 30 or 40 minutes of the first movie on HBO a few months ago and the weird thing is how his character looks like he's about to shoot a load in his pants at all times, or he's cold....but he just sort of sits there shaking all the time. That was a strange way to portray love, or even bloodlust. Well that and the sped-up baseball.


You can't have slaughter without laughter.






Kind of like this dog right?


It's a double liberal blame someone else whammy! Guns and steroids! anabolic shotguns! assault steroids! Sniper steroids!


Another update here from cnn.com. It seems that not only are steroids to blame but just testosterone in general.

talking about the difference between male aggression and female aggression...

"This gender difference is stable over time and place and has led many researchers to examine the link to testosterone. Studies with animals and humans have shown a positive correlation between testosterone levels and aggression, hence, the "roid rage" too often seen in men who take anabolic steroids."..."To complicate matters further, recent studies show that merely handling a gun can increase a man's testosterone level."



Yes, clearly testosterone itself is to blame for all violent criminal acts.

Solution? Destroy all men.


Destroy what makes them men.

Either way, its time to burn some testicles.