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Loud music - hearing loss

I recently discovered a few points of interest for those of you who crank the music while training:

  • Wearing headphones (especially the Walkman-style) during exercise is also dangerous to hearing. Aerobic exercise diverts blood from the ears to the limbs, and leaves the inner ear more vulnerable to damage from loud sound. A Swedish study estimated that the risk of hearing loss is doubled when listening to headphones at high volume during aerobic exercise. The study recommends limiting headphone use during exercise to one-half hour per day at half volume.

  • Most people are exposed to dangerous noise levels on a daily basis, but usually for far less time that it would take for hearing damage to occur. The harmful effects can be cumulative, so long-term exposure to short periods of loud noise can produce hearing loss years later.

The original article is here:


Many of you have made a lifetime commitment to lifting, and perhaps to the motivational rock music that drives us all to PRs. I would hate to see you deaf by the age of 40.

I already have mild hearing loss at half that age, and I can’t describe how annoying it is to watch someone talking to you, but to hear only distortion.

Anyway, enough mothering.