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Loud Cell-Phone Talker Removed from Quiet Car by Police


about time they enforced this.






Funny how the animation portrayed her as a thin woman.


Got what she deserved.


Wow it says she's been talking for 16 HOURS. I would have done something before.


How can you talk for SIXTEEN HOURS???? I swear to God if I tried to talk for that long around the second hour I would just start repeating 'boobies'


^^ Who the fuck listened to her for 16 hours?!?!?





I was thinking the same thing. They need to enforce this in libraries too. When was it okay to all of a sudden hold a loud cellphone conversation in the elevator,libary,or a classroom? Cellphone etiquette has taken a nose dive.

Btw,why are people so damn loud. Cellphone technology surely has improved vastly enough where the quietest whisper can be heard with great clarity but people still insist that they need to broadcast their lives to unassuming people.


answer phone loud as fuck - disregard human life in my vincinity


a black woman accused of loud talkin? GTFO. Try going to the movies with a "Lakesha"


I know so many fucking people like that. Pleasant in normal conversation, but the second they talk on a cell phone, it's like someone handed them a tin can on string.


"Beard should be charged with 'unspeakable crimes against humanity and sentenced to life on some distant planet where there are no reception bars, ever.'" hahahaha...


Someone should have very smoothly and quietly, with the subtlety of of hibiscus floating in a warm summer nights breeze, slipped an icepick into the back of her skull penetrating the brain stem. Then toggled it around a good bit until she quieted down.

After maybe a half hour of that loudmouthed bullshit. Not 16 hours.


After she was asked not to use her cell phone she became aggressive. LOL

Remove cell phone from her hand, break said phone in half, hand it back. Problem solved.


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I lol'd


related bump



vid from link


She may have one of the most annoying attitudes and voices I've ever heard.

Also, she overuses the word "actually". Another horrible habit.

And I wish the other people that may know what she did would tell her to shut up....like if I was at a comedy show and someone heckled the comedian....I'd throw my drink at that fucker.