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Lou Ferrigno Sighting At My Gym...

Okay, it’s not my gym, it’s his gym. But today I went to Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach where I saw Lou Ferrigno – couldn’t believe how great the guy looks. He’s 52 and still looks amazing.

It was refreshing after seeing the nasty vacation pictures of Arnold that have been floating around this site.

Also, recently I ran into a former Mr. Universe at another gym. He looked like every other bald, fat 40 something guy. In fact, I thought he was lying when he told me who he was, but when I went home and looked him up, sure enough, there he was… a former Mr. U. Now a full time fatty.

Nice to see Lou still looking amazing after all these years. Very inspirational.

Hey, is Muscle Beach still operational?

[quote]Devil0351Dog wrote:
Hey, is Muscle Beach still operational?[/quote]


Yeah the guy keeps himself in good form, nice to see that in such an age.

What year Mr. Universe was it?

I watched Raw Iron - The Making of Pumping Iron yesterday, where they have a reunion of a bunch of the people from the film 25 years later, and the only one that still looked like a bodybuilder was Lou. Tom Platz looked really old and plump, his face looked swollen too. Maybe Columbu was alright, but being that short helps you not look fat I think.

Not to highjack the thread, but this documentary of a documentary is just as good to watch as Pumping Iron itself. Lots of never-seen footage, and some of the truth of what went on behind the scenes. For example, I didn’t know that Arnold was going to retire after his 5th Olympia, but the movie director told him he could not make the film without him, so Arnold agreed to train another year for the Olympia so they could film him.

I bet Lou got pissed off about that when he found out :slight_smile:

Has anyone here every met/talked to Lou? I’m just asking because he seems like an overall nice/good guy…

^ He charges money for autographs and pics at the shows.

[quote]samsmarts wrote:
^ He charges money for autographs and pics at the shows.[/quote]

oh…well that ain’t cool.

Arnold’s interview was great.

“Oh yeah . . . and I DID inhale!” winks