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Lou and Alwyn's Book


In the article "The Gear" there's Lou and Alwyn's Book "The New Rules of Lifting". I'm just wondering since it said something about giving 3 programs (1 for fat loss, 1 for hypertrophy, and 1 for pure strength)..so they actually give you a whole outlined program? I'm thinking of picking this up at Amazon..but I wanna make sure I get a lot out of it, because of other books I've bought that I wasn't so satisfied with. It got a rating of 10 so it should be pretty damn good.



They give you about three for each.
Fat loss, strenth, and hypertophy 1, 2, and 3. They have the entire program outlined with pictures for every exercise.


The book is excellent. I don't agree with Alwyn's philosiphy on lifting for fat loss, but his strength and hypertrophy programs are excellent. He uses upper/lower splits for these, my favorite kind of organization.