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Lotsa Help Needed (Recomend a Program)


I've worked out roughly 3 years now.  I'm 19 in a few days, and lately just don't wanna go to the gym at all!  I want a new program, and even tho I don't want a nutrition program I need one.  Anyone out there willing to hook me up w/ that?  I've been on so many different programs and althought I'm decently strong I'm not gettin' any definition, so I'm lookin' for a program to help get cut.  The problem is I'm big and have always worked w/ strength programs.  I'm about 6', 250 so likely gonna have to lose some weight b4 gettin' ne shape hah.  Anyways neone's help would be really appreciated.  W/ the nutrition program I've tried a few b4 the best way for me is to have one in which it is set out exactly what to eat when, if I'm given to much choice I'll likely mess up.

LG2, welcome to T-Mag. I see this is your first post.

Honestly, what you need to do is start reading. Read the FAQ and start reading articles in the “Previous Issues” section. There are any number of diets and workout programs from which to choose.

Take a look at T-Dawg 2.0 Diet. It’s a diet that a lot of people here have had a lot of success with. After you’ve read the article and some of John Berardi’s articles on P+F and P+C food combining and PWO nutrition, if you need help running the numbers, stop on by, and I’d be glad to help. But you’re going to have to do your homework first.

Enjoy exploring and reading T-Mag!!!

Try a search for ABBH(program) and the T-dawg 2.0,or the Don’t diet,diet…good luck with your goals…