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Lots of Supplements and Questions...

I’m getting back into lifting after a long time (7 years) off. I’m 4 weeks into the Waterbury 3 day a week total body program and have been making good gains.

As with many things a little success has made me greedy for more, so…
I freaked out last week and bought Alpha Male, RED KAT, FLAMEOUT, Classic Grow!, Surge, ZMA, and Metobolic Drive bars. It felt great to buy and my crazed logic at teh time was…if I was making good gains before I should be superman in days with this stuff.

Of course once it got here yesterday I started to wonder what I should take and when and what was safe to take with what. When I bought it I envisioned taking the ZMA, FLAMEOUT, Alpha Male and HOT-ROX according to label and then taking the Surge after workouts with Grow! and Metabolic Drive as quick snacks at the office. I’m primarily concerned with taking HOT-ROX and Alpha Male together, but would also welcome advice on any other aspect of this grouping.

BTW- So far I’ve dropped about 7 pounds on the program without really trying to do anything but regain my strength.

I might have headl out a bit and just got the Surge, Classic Grow! and Metabolic Drive Bars for now and nailed a solid diet and training for a bit as you are just getting back in the swing of thing. BUT, you have the goods and KNOW your going to use it :slight_smile:

I say the plan you have laid out is great. The timing etc. sounds good to me and the Alpha Male should go great with the HOT-ROX.

Let us know how the progress goes.