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Lots of Sleep Vs Food

I’m in a situation for the next 9 months where I don’t have to get up to anything in specific in the mornings so I can train and sleep as much as I’d like. Would it be adviseable to sleep for 12 hours or is it better to just set the alarm clock and go for let’s say 8-9hours and then get up and eat? (Yes, I sleep 12h straight easily.)

What is the answer?

The answer is what I’m looking for. The question was whether it’s better to sleep for those 12h and sacrifice nutrition to the muscles for such a long period or get up earlier, after let’s say 8h of sleep and get something to eat?

I’ve heard that too much sleep is bad for you, I think 8-9 hours is perfect for myself. I rarely get this though as a student, but I feel great when I do.

I don’t see a point in going over 10, 8-10 should be fine