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Lots of Research Done for First Cycle


I'm ~195lbs, 6 Feet tall, around 12 percent Body Fat. Been lifting for 4 years total, seriously for 3.

This is my plan:

Weeks 1-6: Dbol 20mg Every Day
Weeks 1-12: Test E 500mg/week (250mg every 3.5 days)
Weeks 1-14: Arimidex 0.25mg Every Other Day
Weeks 15,16,17: Nolvadex 40/40/20 (every day).

Now I have a couple questions. The Dbol I have is in 20mg capsules so that's why I'm taking 20mg/day for 6 weeks. I've normally seen a little more recommended like 30mg/day for a beginner even, so my question is should I take 40mg/day for 4 weeks instead of what I planned? OR 20mg/day for 3 weeks and 40/day for 2 weeks? Might be overthinking here, just wondering.

My biggest and only real concern is gyno, so I definitely want Adex in there, does that dosing sound good? If symptoms arise, should I go up to 0.5mg every other day?

I appreciate anyone and everyone's input, I've been lurking lots and it's time I joined the forum here, thank you all!


That's a solid cycle, but 20mg won't do much, you want to dose it at atleast 30mg (split the pills in half) or simply take 40mg for 4 -5 weeks which is when the test should start kicking in which won't hurt, just make absolutely sure you don't drink on cycle.

.25 EOD works fine for me on that same cycle but increase at the first sign of puffy or itchy nipples to .5 E3D or EOD. Largely individual on how prone you will be to gyno.

Btw you will wanna get more nolva and run it for atleeast 4 weeks and add clomid in too for optimum recovery (better chance of keeping your hard earned gains). I'm also a strong advocate of HCG.


x2 hcg is quite useful and makes recovery easier.

Having a little extra nolva to take at the onset of gyno symptoms during your cycle will keep you safe. AI will serve to prevent them, nolva will help correct them if they do arise.


Ok thanks brotha, they aren't pills they are in capsules so I assume if I open it all the ingredients will just fall out. I'll take 40mg/day and be very strict with my diet and no drinking as well as chuggin' water non-stop, With hCG, I start it immediately after I finish my test, and use it for 10 days correct? As for Nolva, I have plenty, should I go 40/40/20/20 then? Thanks a lot man.


Ok thanks for the input, as iricci said too hCG will be useful and I'll get some as well as extra Nolva to be safe. The shit lasts 4 years anyways so if I have some leftover I'll likely be using it as long as I have a good positive cycle :slight_smile: Thanks man I'm glad I posted, I was told that for a newbie cycle hCG isn't necessary but I might as well do everything I can to come off without feeling like a zombie sloth. (rhyme?)


OH and another question now, If I am to use hCG then should the adex stop at week 12, start hCG for 10 days and start Nolva at week 14-17?


Run the HCG throughout your cycle to continue testicular function. Why use it to bring them back when you can help prevent them going down? Discontinue use of HCG 4-5 days before start of pct. As far as dosage goes I used 250iu 2x week just loaded up with the rest of my shot, you can do it IM instead of subQ. Some people use a little more, I just prefered to stretch my 5000iu for ten weeks. Next time I will use 500iu 2x per wk methinks. You don't want to use too much as you can reduce your own production of or develop an insensitivity to leutininzing hormone, to which hcg is an analogue.