Lots of People Switching to Test Prop?

There is a lot of talk on another forum of people switching over to Test Propionate. Seems like a lot of people felt like they could never get zeroed on the other esters and feel best on prop.

Some others were posting how they had way less side effects. Do we have anyone here that uses test prop for TRT?

A few higher SHBG guy said they felt best on Prop. I thought it would be an interesting topic.

It might be that Test prop creates a hormone profile similar to T-creams since there are no esters and T peaks faster and is used up quickly and declines at faster rates than cypionate. I’ve heard some claim to feel more pumped up positively about life and with more enthusiasm, more alive.

I’ve also heard some say it converts more quickly to estrogen, some say it makes no difference.

Similar to what I was reading. It seems like it doesn’t work for everyone, but for those it does, they seem to love it.

Apparently its not great for LOW shbg guys. One guy said that he felt great in the AM and hypo gonadal in the PM.