Lots of Pain after 250mg Test E

Hi, so on thursday night roughly 8pm I injected my first ever dose of Test E at 1ml 250mg into my upper outer glutes, I woke up that night roughly 2am with a cork I know this is normal for injections as I’ve done my research however it lasted all Friday and by Friday night roughly 24 hours post pin my gluteus medius became swollen not just at the injection site but the whole muscle has become swollen. It’s now Saturday morning and the cork feels worse and my muscle is more swollen. There is abit of warmth coming from the injection site.
There is No redness
No lumps
And there is no edema pitting as of yet

I would like to know if this is normal for first time or if I will be alright or if I should start to get ready to head to the gp?

It’s pretty normal for a first shot in virgin muscle. Just to verify you were real careful about your sterile field and making sure things were clean?


Yes I alcohol wiped the vial and site of injection and alcohol wiped the location after aswell, everything felt right aswell no pain during the injection or any discomfort

You could be allergic to the carrier oil. It may have eo which is not tolerated well by some. It could be tainted and not sterile.

I’d ride it out a few more days before you go see a doctor. You could try heating pads, massage, all kinds of things break that oil up.

On your next shot make sure you massage the injection site vigorously for 30 seconds or so to disburse that oil

Sometimes the body encapsulates the oil


Okay, after the shot I gave it a small rub but no where near 30 seconds but I had a warm shower to try help with it, my next shot for other cheek is Monday and I will try that, also planning to try heating my vial up in some warm water before hand and maybe get one of my mates to do it who is experienced incase I had an unsteady hand. If my right cheek still hurts and it’s time to pin it again what should I do then?

If it was an allergy, I thought you generally got other sides along with it such as fevers and stuff like that? Is this true or can you have allergy and it only cause inflammation and pain?

If you were shaky that could definitely contribute to the soreness.

Try pinning your quad or have your mate pin your delts.

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Okay will do, but if swelling is gone and pain is gone than just continue with glutes?

Yes sir. But 4 pin sites are better than 2

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Okay thank you, appreciate it

I’ve seen cases where it just drove up the guys blood pressure

Okay so it wouldn’t hurt for me to get my BP tested?

You should be doing that anyways

Keep an eye on how warm it gets. If it starts getting bright red along with hot to the touch. Then it is time to worry a bit as this could likely mean an infection

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Will definately keep an eye on it until the pain subsides

jonomeek are you up for trying something a little less painful? It’s not the manly oldschool harpooning your leg cycling technique but it dam well gets the job done with little to no pain.

Pickup some 27ga 1/2" easy touch syringes. Load .5ml (that is half the barrel) grab(pinch and pull out) one of your lovehandles and stick it in. You are squirting the juice under the skin but not in the muscle. Repeat on the other side. You will find this technique so painless you might consider injecting twice a week instead of once. Like M/T .25ml per side. Give it a try, buy a bag of 10 syringes, it will still take a month before you start feeling any stronger anyway.