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Lots of Help Needed With Supps

I’m still sort of new to all this(been reading T-Nation for about 6 months), so I need some help with supplements. I am in college, on a low-budget with extremely crappy cafeteria food. I live in the dorms, so I have a small fridge/freezer, thus limiting my storage of healthy foods. I have a blender so I can make shakes.

Here’s the stuff I use:

Fish Oil
Centrum Performance
EAS 100% Whey Protein
Protein Bars (I get them with Meal Equivalency - instead of eating bowls of grease)

I have some frozen strawberries, blueberries, and mixed berries. Those three bags almost entirely fill my freezer.

My friend and I were considering using a fat-burner. I just want to cut body fat, not lose weight long-term. I’m 6’, 190 lbs. I increased to lifting 5 days/week(from 3/4) recently.

So the big questions are:
What staple foods should I stock up on?
What staple supplements should I get?
Is there some stuff I should get rid of?
What foods/supplements should I AVOID?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You havent been reading for 6 months if you have no idea about any of that.

Read nutrition for newbies and supplementation for newbies and a stack for every occasion. Those 3 articles will answer all your questions.

agreed, but before you put any of that into practice, you should have your diet in check, and be progressing without the supps. Then add them in to supplement your progress. The supplements won’t work if your diet is crap.

Post your current diet and supplement regimen.

Just a note: if you think purchasing a fat burner is gonna knock the fat of “quickly” think again. They will NOT do any good unless you do as Pozzka says and have a diet in order.

Also, fat loss IS somewhat of a long term thing. If your doing it right and not starving yourself and doing lots of cardio (losing muscle and killing your metabolism in the process), you can only expect around a pound a week.