Lots of Free Time - Program?

Hey all. I just got finished with an extremely intense summer quarter of college (Accelerated Japanese - a year’s worth of language instruction squeezed into 8 weeks).

After a weekend of partying and watching my abs disappear (sigh such is life :slight_smile:) I’m ready to start anew tomorrow. I have TONS of free time. Absolutely no commitments between now and October 1st. It’s my goal to be in the best shape of my life going into fall quarter.

I’m looking for a high volume, perhaps a twice a day program. I don’t mind spending 2 hours in the gym.

My kitchen is stocked, my motivation is rockin, my sins of the weekend are over and I’m ready to kick supreme butt. I’d love to hear from you guys so get those suggestions rolling. Thank you!

Monday A.M
A1.Flat Bench - 10x3
A2.BB rows - 10x3
B1.Standing Military - 4x6
B2. Pullups - 4x6

C.Squat - 4x6
D.Dynamic GM - 8x3

Tuesday - A.M and P.M GPP, maybe sled dragging and car pushing in the morning and then interval sprints and CW’s pushup/pullup protocol

Wed A.M
A1.Dynamic Military - 8x3
A2.Dynamic pulldown - 8x3
B. GM - 10x3

A1.Dynamic flat bench - 8x3
A2.Dynamic bb row - 8x3
B. Squat - 5x3

Thursday - Same as Tuesday

Friday A.M
A1.Standing Military - 10x3
A2.Pullups - 10x3
B1.Flat bench - 4x6
B2.BB row - 4x6

C.Dynamic squat - 8x3
D.GM - 4x6

Little excessive? Well, this is my planned routine for the next twelve weeks. The loading patterns are going to be totally C.W inspired. Im going to add weight to the 10x3 (about2.5%every week), Im going to add reps to the 4x6 (one rep per set per week) and am going to cut rest intervals for the dynamic work.

Three phases of 4 weeks each with the fourth week being an unloading week using half the volume and trying to break records.

The second and third 4 week phases will see the 10x3 become 10x2 and the 4x6 become 5x5 and the 8x3 become 10x3/the third and final 4 week phases will see 10x2 become 10x1 and 5x5 become 6x4 and 10x3 become 12x3 while using the same progression patterns. for the specific protocols as I did in the first 4 week phase.

Rest intervals will be 150 seconds between supersets for MxS work, 90 seconds between sets (straight or supersetted) for the 4x6 Strength-speed work and 60 seconds for the dynamic (speed-strength)work.

All in all this is a routine Ive been dieing to try out for a few months and now I have the time to do it. The idea is to keep the frequency of work per movement limited to the number of strength qualities trained. I would have preferred some strength-endurance work but wil leave that to GPP which will also see some sort of weekly progression and an unload.

Also, the reason Im going to use 10 sets for MxS quality training is because Im pretty much a neural-stud and can handle high loads very well and not be too neurally fatigued; but the rep work is what kills me. Also the 5x3 for squats is just a way to let me legs handle the GPP. Ill also be able to get 10 hours of sleep (which will be divided into an 8 hour session at night and a 2 hour session post workout). Protein intake will be over 800 grams a day sometimes approaching 1000 grams if I snack.

Alrighty, let me know what you think man. If anyone would like to suggest changes let me know as well. Im about to undertake this enormously demanding routine and see how long before I die mid-rep.


I like this. Only, I’m still on the beginner side and I found I don’t respond all that well to 10 x 3 vs. say 7 x 5.