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Lot of Pain

On Tuesday I just got a membership at this place called Uptown Fitness. Really nice place. I’ve never really lifted before. Right now I’m a freshman in college and the only other time i lifted was for 4 months my senior year of highschool on protein shakes and Animal Pak.

Just recently I got back into lifting because I’m in need to get really big but I haven’t had the proper training or help with what im doing so I go into the gym and just use weights by benching, curling, military press with dumbells, and i just used random machines that I know will be working out what I need that day.

On tuesday I did back and biceps. Wednesday I had to take off. But on that day off my biceps and forearm felt attached and i couldnt extend my arms… But I thought it was just the regular soreness so today (Thursday) I got up at 7:30, ate me regular eggs and then went to the gym for shoulders chest and triceps… Throughout the day my arms were hurting HARDCORE. It wasn’t like the sores I got in highschool, I feel really harsh pain on the inside of my elbow. When I extend my arm, it feels like its stretching out my bicep and forearm and it wont extend very far or it hurts big time.

I’m 6’ tall 145 lbs (yeah thin) I take creatine after every workout. Am I overlifting? Can anyone give me like a workout I should try? I haven’t been doing really sets… I just do like 10-8-6-4 while increasing the weight inbetween sets. I bench 120 easy and when I do dumbell military press I max at 40 lbs each hand. I’m trying to gain as much weight as I can as fast as I can. I can currently take Animal Pak, NO2, Creatine, or Protein Shakes, whichever sounds like it can work I have all 4 of those at my house I just don’t know what I should take. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a good idea if you’re just getting started to spend a couple weeks on fairly easy, high rep work to get all the connective tissue primed for heavier work. IMO anyway. Personally I would be very careful until the pain subsides. It sounds like you strained the tendon that connects your bicep to your lower arm.

If you keep pushin it before it heals you may be in for a longer layoff than if you just let it get better.


Ive had the exact same pain before when i have taken an extended time off from training then gone in and smashed my bi’s with the old weight I used to use.

Spend time stretching your biceps and forearms out. It will take a few days to recover but If your lucky the pain will not re-occur with any further training.

No offence, you seem to have a good atitude, but your training program seems shit. Go to articles, pick a program (mayb Big boy basics, or ABBH1 by Chad Waterbury).
Also sign up to this for a nutrition short-course in a week (free, no spam):


And do this:

1)Lift correctly
2)Lift heavy
3)eat big
4)eat well
5)If you still need suplements go for:

    1. Post workout shake (surge is best, otherwise 2:1 of gatorade to whey)
    1. Fish oil caps
  • creatine

other things are nice, but that’s a great start. Oh yeah, NO2 is shit.

Nuff said.

Don’t train your biceps for at least another week. Keep streching them though. I had that pain as a beginner… its from going to heavy after a layoff. You simply strained your elbow joint and probably put a little too much stress on those tendons. It takes them awhile to get use to handling stress. Start off in the higher rep range of 8-15 for awhile, don’t strain yourself… you’re just going to injure yourself.

At your weight and your goals, I would suggest a 2-3 time a week fullbody program with basic compound lifts or an upper lower split 3-4 times a week with those same basic compounds. Build some strength for awhile if you want to put on the size and muscle mass. You won’t be able to do it without getting stronger first. Your gains will be minimal without a proper strength training program.

Click on Chad Waterbury’s name and find a program that suits your needs. He has pretty mapped out programs for beginners. And go easy at first. Don’t injure yourself. Give your body some time to adjust.

You’re really thin and you put little emphasis on your nutrition in your post. You’re going to have to put on at least 30 lbs before you might look like you lift.

Bottom line? Learn what has a lot of calories and protein and eat it. Protein shakes won’t do shit if you’re not eating enough calories throughout the day.

Good luck

thanks to everyone for the advice,

I’m gonna let this heal for a few days and then get back into the gym on monday with some lighter weight and do more reps and build some strength up. On the side I’ll be eating a lot and taking creatine/protein shakes on the side.

Monday I’ll be starting my week off with back and bi.

I was thinking about taking Animal Pak again because it really did make my recovery time a lot faster back in highschool when I lifted. The soreness was a lot lighter and not as long.

I know I’m thin, im trying to get rid of that… trust me I’ve been trying for years… My metabolism doesn’t like to cooperate.

Thanks again