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January 2, 2004

Hey Guys
I have just gotten back from doing a two month job on a cruise ship, and was able to pickup a few things while stoping at all the ports. The only thing is I am having a hard time with the ml. Vs mg. Pont blank I don?t know what to put in the shot. Some things are vet ( I think). So if I could get you to help I won?t have to go crazy. These are the things I have on hand now.
1 )Four boxes of Sostenon 250 ( caja con jeringa 1 ml) from Organon
2) Four boxes of Deca-Durabolin 50mg.( Caja con 2 jeringas1 ml ) nandrolona from Organon
3) Two bottles of testonon 250 (contenido neto 5ml.)( Pic of a dog on front of bottle)
4) Two bottles of Anabolico Esteride nandrolona 300LA.( contenido neto 10 ml.
5) seventeen bottles of 2 ml nandrolone decanoate norma(kaoe 1ml 100 mg. (Pharma group)
6) Twenty three vials of sustenon 250 ( codeisan)(pharma group)
7) Twenty four vials of winstrol depot stanozolol 50 mg. 1 ml via i.m
8) two boxes of taxus tabs. 20 mg.
9) two boxes of omifin 50 mg. Tab.
10 two boxes of andriol 30 tabs . per box @ 40 mg each tab
11) six bottles of clenbuterol tabs 0.02 mg. 50 tabs per bottle
wow that just about does it if you think you can help me get a good cycle or two out of this I would love it . this will be my second cycle I am 34 yrs. Old 208 lbs with 15% bf.

Do yourself a favor… don’t do anything until you read up. Check out newbie thread.

why did you buy all this shit without having a clue how to use it?

jesus… well i would imagine you bought it all cheap… why don’t you just sell it all while you figure out what the hellyou are doing and then buy new gear when you can formulate an opinion on how or what to use.

It’s all fake. Send it directly to me and I will dispose of it properly for you. Check your private email for my forwarding address.
Just be glad you are cutting your losses now instead of putting that crap in your body. Yes, you owe me on this one. Just glad I’m here to help.

thats a lot of deca!

what was your last cycle? what goals did you have in mind for this cycle, mass gain or cutting?

bro, as stated above. dont do anything. you have got just enough gear to fuck yourself up pretty good. not to mention with all of that mixing and matching you probably have some fakes in there. i would never mix and match that many manufacturers bought from what i am guessing is many different sources. next time save your cash and buy it in one shot from one source that you know to be reputable.