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Losthog—Finishing 2018 with what ever I want to do


Good call Hog, looking forward to the process and to where you end.
Is it an online coach? if it is can I ask the price?


Yeah it’s no secret. $60 this month

Go to his website: phdeadlift dot com


As you saw I in Hypems log I found him, and enrolled for the free intermediate and free power building programs. Ya know just to check it out.
I’ll run the CT program to the end and see how it goes.
I’ll be watching you and your progress.
His free programs are very basic linear progression, like the CT one I’m using right now.
EDIT: but I guess most free programs are very basic.


So I’ve got the information from his program for the week…
Ummm. Ok I work out 3 days this week with a main movement with 2 work sets at very low intensity.
8 total movements. I’ll run this for a bit but the initial impression is “Why did I pay for this…”.
Maybe there will be more later and he says he is easing us into higher workloads and we will have eyeball splitting work to do soon.

This is a new concept for me reducing the intensity and volume this low. I’ll just follow the plan and learn what he has to offer. I’m gonna be board for awhile.

I’m sure there is something I will learn from all this. It really is a good time for me to reset my volume and intensity and refocus rep quality and form and muscle activation…

I lift tomorrow


This sounds perfect. We’ve been encouraging you to back off a bit so here’s your chance.


Most productive training IS boring @losthog. The people who go balls out every session don’t tend to get far except on Instagram


@JMaier31 @MarkKO

So he is not allowing any new members to the group now until 2019 which makes me think the program should carry me through to the new year. Actually the reduced volume and intensity will be good until football season is over. I’ll stay with this until it ends or Jan some time then retest maxes for the new year.

I’m hoping to get a deadlift session in on Halloween (in costume of course) just to have some fun…

Maybe we could have a virtual powerlifting meet the first week of Jan… everyone reading this.

We could use wilks scoring to keep it “fair” (I know I’ll lose that).


Almost forgot I changed the diet up.

Eating clean, and adding more fruits and veggies. Getting away from the red meat and rice for a bit…

Body already dropped 2%bf in a little over a week…


Agree with this, just check my log. Pretty much same week in week out with just variations in volume and intensity and accessories to hit weak points. It’s boring, the gains are a little slower than dark horse but it works and it keeps you injury free


I’m down. Video all our attempts and upload them too. So no straps, and we pause our presses? Sounds fun to me.


Reduced training can be good to reset your adaptive mechanisms. Basically, when you do overloading training you adapt and accumulate fatigue. Deloads take care of general fatigue but you can begin to experience adaptive resistance over the course of several months. Overloading training doesn’t give you the same progress that it used to and you can plateau or even regress in extreme cases so taking a month easy 1-2 times a year resets these mechanisms and gives you more progress in the long run

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but that’s my understanding of it


You’ll learn to train according to your schedule. Football season is definitely a good time to reduce your gym time.

As @MarkKO said, most training is boring. It takes me 10-12 weeks to lift fun weights on SGSS. If I were to repeat this program all year then I’d hit my big weights a whopping three times a year.

Sooooo are we doing half squats? :joy:


For the squats the video will show depth. Any depth issues will be judged by the participants.

@lava2007. Yeah all lifts must be video submission and we should start a separate thread for it…


Yeah, we’ll definitely need to create a thread for it. I may start SGSS so I can hit some good numbers in January. I’ll also probably take my deadlift attempts a little lighter (maybe max out around 435-445) and then attempt 500 with straps. There’s no way I could pull 500 without straps right now lol


I’d be in for this, gotta start practicing withou5 straps haha


There is a thread in the powerlifting section…glad to see ya in there!


10/15/17- day 1 if Ben Pollacks Powerbuilding

Holy shit!

When I first looked at this program I was like…”this is gonna be easy”. Nope! I was fucked up after the first three movements.

Jump rope
Band shit

Incline flys: 5x20 (slight pump)

210x8 (last rep was an outer body experience)

DB incline press:
40x12 (start lighter next time)

Cable cross over/ dip shrug/ wide push-up


4 (most/ first dips ever for me)
10 bench dips
3 (supposed to get 10)
10 bench dips

Rope pulls:

Triceps were so pumped I could barely move my arms. Awesome workout…I’m a believer. So glad I found this program and can’t wait to see what else we get to do…


Different, no?


Different, yes!

I was seriously about to puke after the second tri set. And just smiled and said to myself “this was a good purchase, I’m glad I’m doing this!” Looks like I’m in until this group ends this program…2019. I’ll test and see where it took me.

The biggest take away from today is my body is toast, but my cns is not fried at all…


Good work