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Losthog-Darkhorse Log


Nice PR


4-18-18 squats

+235x6 (video, tear me up plz)
?250x5 (had swimmers in vision on 3rd rep)
Back down sets

205x10 (video…form check?)
155x10 (tried to fix what I saw)

Lying leg curl:
Drop sets to finish
10x12 (walking on jello)

Opted for back extensions instead of rack pulls for low back work my posterior chain was smoked, and non compressive work is good…

Back extensions:
BWx20 (tried the quarter not happening)

Standing band crunches: (I was smoked)
Close to 35lbs resistance?
X20, 25,25,25

Tonight was just my son and I. We had a good night and progressed through the lifts at an ok speed. Squats for some reason were difficult to recover from. Legs felt good. I’ve got some issues with my form, but before I disclose it what do you guys/gals see? Same with RDLs.

The legs after leg curls were cramping and I was having trouble walking. Heavy heavy legs after this. We got it done. About 2-3 hours before this workout I had the kids on the team do the prowler sled +70 and farmer walks with a trap bar with 1plate (135)for time 20yds. Winner was13.39 sec. after 2 rounds of that we farmer carried 225 for distance. The winner carried 65-70 yds. I carried the bigger distances back 8-9 carries 20-50 yds. I figure I got close to 200yds of 225 pre-squat workout. Maybe why I was so gassed tonight…?


Rounded back on RDLs (duh)!

Squats look fine. It’s tough to see your back from that angle, BUT I didn’t see a change in the shape of your spine. If you’re rounded a bit but maintain the same position then you’re still safe.


Yeah on the RDLs for sure. Weight is too heavy?

I’ll get a side view for the back on the squat next time. But that isn’t what I was feeling in the set, its subtle maybe no big deal. If no one spots it I’ll let give it up tomorrow because it is a concern.


Try softening your knees more and exaggerate the hinge on the RDL.


Squats look decent. Maybe tuck your chin more is all.

For RDLs bend your knees more and push your butt way back like you’re trying to touch the wall behind you. Right now you’re just bending over.


Well Hog those squats looked very good, form certainly have improved.
I’m surprised that @MarkKO didn’t mention your wrists. I have the same bend, and it doesn’t affect me, but I’m told they should be straight.

The RDL I don’t know where to start.

It’s a hinge so as Mark said push the butt back.
You could try to but a band in between two posts of a rack at hip high. Place the BB a bit in front of the band so you’d have to take a step an get tension in the band, when you hip your butt will have to go back.

Here’s CT explaining with a band around the waist


I’ve mentioned them before. @losthog days he has a hell of a time just getting into position let alone getting his wrists straighter.


@magick @MarkKO @mortdk @JMaier31

Thanks as always for the feedback. The wrist are actually getting better. After a few sets I can flex the wrist up and straighter.
The squat has a slight roll out toward the front before I come up on some reps. It feels like I’m going out and up on some reps. I’m not really interested in doing heavy goodmorning squats as the weight increases. I need to address it not while it is only a small movement.

I will work on sitting back more on the RDL and bringing the hip through. Makes a lot of sence really.


Just my .02 - my back rounds quite a bit on DL’s as well and I think it’s more about my hammies being tight than my back being weak. I think Rip writes about this in SS.

I was in a yoga class a few days ago, in Downward Facing Dog, and the instructor had me bend my knees and and raise my hips because my back was rounding. I think bending the knees releases some of the tension in the hamstrings and relieves the pressure that causes the back to round.

I’ve realized how inflexible I am from these yoga classes - not good.


This is certainly true for me. I can’t touch my toes. My hamstrings are very tight


On my RDLs I think about letting the bar scrape my shins. If the bar is touching your legs then your hips have to go back as you lower it. Playing with the amount of flex in the knees will help you find a good position for your body.


If I sit on the floor with my legs crossed in front of me (so called Easy Pose), my lower back rounds. I’ve had several different yoga instructors tell me this is from “tightness” and that stretching/yoga will make it easier to maintain a neutral spine. If I sit on a pillow, it’s much easier.

I am also unable to touch my toes without either rounding my back or bending my knees.

Getting old sucks.


It has always been an issue for me as long as I can remember. There was a time when I was doing P90X when I could touch my toes after a workout, never before. Its not really an issue for me. Ive never been flexible, not really ever been something Ive worried about honestly.

I agree getting old sux.


If you find you’re pitching forward at times, chances are you need to brace better and maybe do some extra ab work.


4/20/18- smoked the OHP and is and tris


Paused: above eyes
120x5, 105x5, 105x5
Seated w/pause

CGB: with bands
65x10 w/B
125x8 w/B
145x8 w/B
165x3 (f me couldn’t get tight enough)

Lat work
Straight arm: 70x15, 15
Wide: 110x15, 15

Land mine row v handle: (plate)
2x10 shrug and then row from here
4 +10x10 (8 +2 ) these are heavy

Paul Carter bi and tri superset for gains link below
SS 4 sets
Preacher curl 55x12
Barbell curl 65x12
Incline DB 20x12
Rope push down 100x12
Overhead extension 100x12
Bench dips BW x12

The pump was insane…

Gunz Training for You Guys

Back flys:


All good OHP moved really well. CGB did not. Working this new bench form is killing my set up and holding bigger weights which is good and bad. Good that I need to work on it more, bad that I’m a weakling.

My legs are still sore from squats and we have DL tomorrow. I’m able to do lower body with sore legs so no worries. Just shocked that I got to the legs as much as I did last workout.


Yummy yummy steak.


A good looking steak Hog :slight_smile:
Now I’m hungry :slight_smile:


Mmm steak…


4-21-18 Deadlift Hulk smash

+335x10 (had 3-5 left in the tank rep pr)
355x5 (these felt harder but good)

Paused: 2-5" from floor
315x5 ( nailed these worked form hard)
265x5 5 sets

Ft squat:
155x6 (first few not solid but found a groove and these were like pure leg drive)

BB glute Bridge: 135x20x3 (worked squeeze at the top)

Seated good mornings: (I hate these)
135x10 (started feeling them in the hamstring once I worked out the back tightness. A huge plus and I like these for sets of ten more than 20s)

Leg raise hip thrust on a bench:

Hang knee raise
15 (added a lat flex while doing these 1-3"
5 tried to do pull ups as I raised the knees and wore myself out)

Solid day in the gym. Deadlift form was focused on more than anything today. Worked on a chest out head up and keeping the back fixed while sitting back into the lift. Some reps felt like solid gold. 355 felt the beginning of heavy. Grip was solid but was getting tired at 355. I need to add some grip work into my training. Coc grippers are in my future.

I want to add more ab work to get around 500 ab reps per week. I have zero doubt I could get 405 without straps maybe for a double or triple. I won’t max my lifts for at least 2 more cycles of 531. This is the 3 week. Next cycle we drop any joker work and the Amrap. Then we deload. Anchor will drop the FSL and do multiple jokers for singles. Gonna be a good cycle if we can stay healthy.

For us making the mental connection how accessory work ties to the main lifts is huge in our learning. We are shifting our diet to a vertical style diet based on the information we can find on the net.